A big let down in the Dell Streak at launch was the fact that it was a near-tablet device that was running Android 1.6. Then Dell ran into troubles with Android 2.1, so they jumped straight to 2.2. Dell has just released the 2.2 update to unbranded Streaks in the UK with no mention of Streaks globally so I asked the nice people over at Dell AU whether Aussie Streaks sold through Optus are getting the update and got this reply.

Yes, but exact timing for 2.2 in Australia to be determined and announced. Stay tuned.

Consider us tuned in. Hold in there, Streak owners.

Source: Marty @ Dell.
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i sent you news of this like 4 days ago on forums haha


I put mine onto Stephen hyde’s froyo a few weeks ago, screw waiting (especially with android on the verge of gingerbread)! Carriers are horrible at this kind of thing 🙁


Hi Jordan,
i brought mine from optus and was unable to upgrade to 2.1
can you please post few instructions to do the upgrade.
note: i have already rooted my device.
tried upgrading to 2.1 (but failed)


So looks like my brother needs to wait a bit longer. At least we know it should be coming and maybe by Christmas?