Well doesn’t this come as a surprise </sarcasm>. After Sony Ericsson only 3 days ago felt the brunt of angry customers and let out information regarding update information for their devices, Vodafone, who say they understand Android, have stated that they’re hoping their Eclair update for the X10 & X10 MP will be out late December. Last time we checked it was late October. We’re not sure of the hold up, though it’s clear from Sony Ericsson’s news, that it’s completely up to Vodafone to give the update the okay for its release. We’d love to hear from Vodafone as to why it takes so long before taking a stab at it.

Just think, if Sony Ericsson’s major update has taken this long, how long is it going to take for the Q1 2011 update to be pushed out to customers?

Source: Vodafone.
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I think the main fault here lies with Google and the way it has licensed Android. manufacturers go through alot of hardship with Android because of too many updates for small features every year. It is true SE made a fool out of themselves with X10 locked to 1.6 when every other handset was running 2.1. Now when x10 has 2.1 all other handsets has either 2.2 or 2.3. I am hoping SE will surprise us all and give us 2.3 in 2011 as a surprise gift to heal all the wounds caused by 1.6 and they delay of 2.1.… Read more »


iv updated the andriod to 2.1 now i cannot get 3g coverage


hi I lives in nsw (Liverpool)and I’m with Vodafone. Today vodafone has released the new android 2.1 update for sony ericsson xperia x10i. (23/11/10). It only takes 10-15 minutes to install and it’s not true that they said that it will be coming for christmas. It is very good and the performance is much, much better. If you want to update go on your phone>settings>about phone>software update> search. From there on your phone will give you the instructions.


I have a x10 with 2.1 and I love it. It is huge inproment with little to no lag.


haha… Title’s awesome – SEX 10 oh wait SE X10 haha


So I guess that means 3 will fuck us around as well. Well fuck you SE time for a custom Rom. Sick of waiting have rooted phone already so will either use Nordic version or custom xda ROM


Complete Nonsense. So they want almost 2 months just to check the compatibility of the Firmware. Why the heck cant they skip all these firmware checks when the same company has released it in the UK. If it’s released there, obviously it is working. I’m not on twitter but i’m expecting a good bashing of VodafoneAU today


I wouldn’t necessarily blame SE here. Looking at the HTC Legend, Vodafone UK, Germany and France have already released the 2.1 Froyo update while Vodafone Australia aren’t even giving us a rough date for the release here in Australia. And this is for a phone with minimal branding, what gives?
Seems like Vodafone AU simply can’t get its act together.


do you mean 2.2?


Worst Android manufacturer by a long mile. I never understood the draw of the Xperia. The mediascape/timescape thing was a farce. And they released the phone with 1.6 after 2.1 was out. Now they’re releasing X12 or something which got bashed by a reviewer saying worst Android phone ever. I don’t see how they could have made it any worse. The only people still liking the X10 are people that are new to Android or have no idea what Android is. Two manufacturers that need a reality check. SE and Nokia. Quit the Symbian bullshit and jump on the Android… Read more »


Savage. SE have fucked themselves royally here. They built a sub-par custom experience for Android, locked it down to 1.6 which was outdated when they finally released, and now there’s delays for a version which, when it does drop, will STILL BE TWO VERSIONS BEHIND the latest version of Android.

It’s overused but: #FAIL