If you’re one of the people who went and snapped up a Sony Ericsson X8 from Dick Smith / Optus as soon as it launched, you’ll be happy to know that Sony Ericsson hasn’t forgotten you in wave of updates hitting their devices at the moment.

The update, expected to hit… no idea, will bring HTML5 into the browser, 5 home screens, social integration for the contact book as well as a handful more bug fixes. To check if the update is ready for you, head to Sony Ericsson’s blog and compare your “SI number” (found on the back of the device; eg. 1242-7983) to those listed.

Source: Sony Ericsson Blog.
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Oh god….2.3 is getting released soon on Nexus-s and still struggling for 2.1 man we need more android developers to help out the current once as we have too many android handsets out waiting for update.
anyways all the best to android to kill and win over Apple 🙂


Actually I can’t read, it DOES NOT include 720p.


According to engadget’s photo of the android roadmap the X8 will get pretty much the same update as the X10 mini pro which includes 720p capture.


Mention the button that brings down a shower attached to a helicopter… i think i saw somewhere today!


mention the 720p…… I think I saw somewhere today!