Gingerbread might be right on our doorsteps, but that doesn’t mean older-ish devices are going to be left too far behind, just yet. HTC Australia have confirmed on their Facebook Page that Froyo (2.2) will hit HTC Legends in the next few weeks, just think of it as their Christmas gift to you 😉

To keep you eager, you have Flash 10.1, Speed Increases and heaps of new features to look forward to!

Source: HTC Australia Facebook.
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Stryka One

This little Android guy has gone from the UK, europe and across asia to India.. He can’t be far off surely. Why is Australia left behind when it comes to the Legend?? Or is it the people working on the tweaks here are not as good as other countries who have the update out already…..


There just isn’t much money to be made upgrading in Australia.

If you convince more people to buy the Legend; you will get updates (quicker..)


Its now 30 December – still no Froyo on Vodafone handset. Maybe it will be a few weeks…..


Is it possible to rollback from 2.2 to 1.6? It runs really slow on my phone and is just plain annoying.


you can get this phone for $234 all up on 9 month contract with Vodafone. check ozbargain

Andreas Koepke

Friend of mine ordered her Legend online and has got the update. My Vodafone branded one hasn’t got it yet.

Been checking each day


Why not just install the UK version. My wife has an unlocked Desire with this on it in Oz and it works very well.


I am already for a week with Froyo on my Legend


Will this mean that those of us that got our phone on-contract will be getting it soon too? I’ve been hassling VHA for weeks, but all they keep telling me is “as soon as we know more, we will let you know”. That’s a BS answer, because someone in the company knows how it’s progressing. It’s bad form on their part to remain quiet about the issues they’re obviously facing.


They dont care about customer service, they would rather just charge for more and let their stock holders do better boosting their share price.


Here, here! Froyo for Wildfire A.S.A.P!


once we get it for the legend, it will be easier to port, they have a simmilar processor and gpu.


This is good but what about the wildfire? Apparently the Wildfire has Froyo preinstalled in China but seems quiet for the rest of the world. The lack of new on this and the news about the Optimus One seems to make HTC look slow and selective only supporting more expensive models.


Flash 10.1 wont work on MSM7227 devices 🙁


thats what i thought!