If you own a HTC Magic, you know damn well that it’s near impossible to get any information out of Vodafone regarding updates for the Magic. The most we’ve got is “we’ll let you know when we have something”, which means very little to us. But hold tight Magic owners, there is still hope! Vodafone UK are currently pushing out Android 2.2.1 to the HTC Magics, which can only mean that Vodafone AU aren’t all that far behind, hopefully. Stay tuned.

Source: HTC Developers.
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Anyone able to run live wallpapers on their Magic?

I don’t have the option. Downloaded one to test and it doesn’t come up as an option to select.


I just downloaded one and same thing. There was no Live Wallpaper option in the Wallpaper settings. It could of handled it as my phone seems to run much faster with 2.2. Don’t hold your breathe for Gingerbread though


hmmmm ohhh well… ill take what i can get!


I too got a nice surpise when I woke up prompting me that an update was available

Its made the magic a pleasure to use all over again


Yep, Froyo OTA update now up and running on my Vodafone AU HTC Magic. Taking a little while to settle in but seems good so far. Nice to have a pretty much vanilla Android phone too 🙂

Talk about a surprise – suppose all those angry emails to Vodafone about not updating finally paid off!


Got the second update just then – Froyo appears to be a pretty good on the HTC Magic at first look 🙂


I just got the update and its just installed. I am just waiting at the “Android” screen now. Anything is better then 1.6 btw I used *#*#checkin#*#* and it got both the updates within 20 mins of each other

Scott (Brisbane AU)

Just got my Froyo update (2.2.1) on my HTC Magic at 9.00pm tonight. This was unexpected to say the least. I had no idea that Froyo was even being considered for the Magic. Five home screens instead of 3 will make it much easier to navigate. The update didn’t include the new Market or the new vector maps. Haven’t noticed a big speed improvement so far, but will keep playing with the settings.


Just received Part 1 on Crazy Johns (aka Vodafone) HTC Magic – is there a way to force Part 2?


Just received part 1 & 2. Phone rebooted but home screen not working… heres hoping that it comes back cause Voda AU is not exactly easy to get support from…


Just received part one if the update… and I’m in au


I want the home screen they have for my nexus one


I’m pretty happy with Cyanogen on these – it lags sometimes but its an old processor…

Why would they bother doing this??


Please tell me that my Three Magic will get this too. Any news on this?


bout time for an update, its an old phone now.


I have some concerns about the performance. Cyanogen 6.1 (which is Android 2.2.1) on the Magic lags quite badly at times to the point where it’s embarrasing to use the phone in front of others. If this official release does eventuate I hope they’ve solved the performance issues.


Sound to good to be true Buzz


i agree