There’s nothing better than coming back from a holiday in Thailand to see that a preview video for Android 3.0, dubbed Honeycomb, has been released into the wild on YouTube. You can check out the video above which shows us a little of what we can expect to see in Android 3.0 when it launches on Tablets (like the Motorola Xoom) in the coming months.

I love that Honeycomb is making wonderful progress in the UI department, with most of the UI looking consistent and not copying most aspects from the iPad. Originality is everywhere, excellent.

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    Lookin real nice.

    Not copying from iPad? why would you want to, its jus supersized iPhone UI anyway


    prime example of this, definitely. the UI of the Galaxy Tab could be much better, but with TouchWiz over Froyo, it doesn’t help 😐


    Your welcome! Also, the rumour about HComb having hardware restrictions has been debunked by Android Dev Dan Morrill via twitter.