Update: It seems Vodafone have locked down the white Galaxy S in an exclusive agreement with Samsung. It also seems to have been hiding out on Vodafone’s online store . You can order the little beaut right now with delivery expected for pretty much anytime from now. Anyone seen this and ordered one already? Hit us up in the comments.

Samsung have announced that they will ship White variants of the Galaxy S to Australia to be sold by our beloved Carriers. We’re not sure if the whole device will be draped in white, or whether it will be just the back like the image above, which makes it look a little more like the Galaxy Tab. In addition to this news, Samsung also noted that they have sold more than 10 million Galaxy S devices in the past 7 months, now that’s quite an achievement. If you own a Galaxy S you can look forward to have your device updated to (at least) Gingerbread in the coming months.

Source: Roulla Yiacoumi.
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Lucas Burnett

Agreed – Does work though which was better then the last version. Still no where near HTC’s software


it just looks bad


Even uglier and trashier looking than the Xmas cracker original…

Lucas Burnett

Yep just woke up to seeing Kies 2.0 was out yesterday

Anyone know if it fixes the major issues that Kies 1.x had with syncing and updating??

Edit: Seems to work much better then Kies 1.x, Even though the Galaxy S i tested it on had been flashed via Odin and Kies wont allow me to update it 🙂


yep kies 2.0 is out, crap looking ui and don’t forget to manually uninstalled the previous version or it your phone will not be detected


Kies 2.0 is out…

Lucas Burnett

Still a Samsung and they are let down by their poor sync software. Fingers crossed Kies 2.0 fixes that.


looks like a new Samsung phone model is pretty close. This is exactly what the car industry does when a new model is about to be announced. put a new ‘special’ paint job and some pin stripes on the old one to clear inventory


the infuse 4g is just an extension of the galaxy s line, its a little bit faster with a 4.5inch screen


thats a huge ass screen


It is not *just* a white battery cover, buttons and USB cover are white too, not a big difference I know, but still..
Anyways, they should’ve made the front panel white too (like the white iphone 4)

Julian Hutchison

reminds me too much of Samsung’s previous BadaOS phone, Diva:


….nasty! 😛


Will this be as laggy and crappy as the black ones?




Yea. I, ve got the white one off korean domestic ones. Gotta little uncovered spot where the dmb antennas come out. Good to know even the buttons are white. Was hoping for the front facia to be white as well.
There are plenty of accessories on ebay this is hardly a news I don’t think…


Normal one looks better


OH NO! Not Vodafone. I guess it’s just a battery cover really. Stick with your black ones people!


Samsung should just sell the official battery covers in some manner. As for Gingerbread, the Galaxy S users don’t even have 2.2 yet, leading me to doubt that 2.3 will ever arrive.


2.2 (Froyo) has been out since late November 2010 … it’s Version 2.2.1 we are waiting for. OR they can just go Gingerbread – Hey Honeycomb would be even better!


It’s just a different battery cover. They sell them on eBay. White ones, pink ones, orange ones etc. Don’t think there’s anything different the white version besides the battery cover.