We love leaks here at Ausdroid – renders, road maps, actual images, whatever the case maybe, today is no exception. Over at PocketNow, they have received a collection of HTC renders, which seem to contain a few handsets not seen before. It contains a variety, Big ones, small ones and buttonless ones, yes I did say buttonless ones.

HTC are known for having their roadmaps leaked, last year XDA got a hold of their 2010 lineup and 12 months before that , I did a post on Techanist about HTC’s 2009 lineup being leaked, which contained the lovely HTC Magic. But enough about that, let’s get on with the 2011 lineup shall we? You know the drill, hit the break..

As said else where, the above image does look a lot like the Nexus One/Desire but with no trackball/pad. It’s got the nice flowing rounded lines which made those handsets such huge successes. Redesigned speaker grill and a front facing camera are included in the render, looking at its size, I’m guessing it’s going to be a 3.7″ or 4″ handset and will be set to plunk it’s curvy little bum into the mid to high-end segment of the market.

The most interesting of the leaks however, is the buttonless renders. One, a stock HTC and one branded with the logo of US carrier, Verizon. Some sites have reported it as maybe being a place holder for HTC’s sync software but who knows The handset reminds me of a smoother, rounded Desire HD, earpeice is in the same spot but the handset tends to have rounder curves then the Desire HD, it also looks a little smaller. Now normally when HTC do renders the capacitive softkeys are always lit up, like the top image, on this they are not. This begs the question, what is the deal? At this stage everything is just speculation and rumour and with MWC just around the corner, I’m sure we are bound to find out in no time. Let’s hope they are ear marked to for Australia also.

You can check out some other leaked devices at the source link below, there’s also a BREW OS one and two that look low-end, next-generation HTC Aria and HTC Wildfire-looking devices. No doubt there will be more on these leaks leading up to Mobile World Congress 🙂

Source: PocketNow.
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Buzz Moody

I want quad-cores and 1920×1080 4.3″ displays before I get a new phone 😛


Aah! The impatience of youth…


Its always gotta be faster and better


Not enough leaked details there to excite me about these phones. HTC used to lead the android handset market but now they are starting to lag behind. MWC needs to be about dual core processors and 960×540 screen res. Anything less is just more of what we’ve already got.
Atrix is the only phone to raise the bar so far, this is the high-end phone to beat.


Legend successor?

Buzz Moody

I suspect there’ll be a lot of successor devices.



and actually it looks more like a Desire.