In December last, Google told owners of the company’s former flagship mobile device, the Nexus One, that they would receive an Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update within a couple of weeks.

It’s now the middle of February 2011, and there’s no 2.3 update to be seen.

However, this might soon be changing. The whispers around the Mobile World Congress, apparently from those within Google itself, are that the Android team is going to be rolling out the Gingerbread OTA (over the air update) for the Nexus One soon – either the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

Here’s hoping!

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    thern rossel

    whatever. been on cm7 with 2.3 since the nightlys started.

    bet it was a combination of nexus s with 2.3 (hummingbird vs snapdragon SoC builds)
    and v3.0 for tablets getting the main focus – hence why all v3.0 devices are tegra2 only.

    either way google left nexus one owners out in the cold and i would hate to stuck on a motorolla phone! at least i can chuck XDA roms on my phone when companies drop the ball on updates.


    Promises Promises…..


    Any idea if Galaxy S will receive 2.3?

    Chris Rowland

    Don’t think there’s been any official answer yet.


    Damn. Ok thanks