News from Samsung Hub suggests that the Galaxy S II might be launching earlier than the expected date of May 1st, but only in Singapore for the time being. Samsung Asia’s CEO, Gregory Lee, confirmed that the device will launch next month in Singapore, though he made no mention of pricing or whether or not the Singaporean version will ship with a Tegra 2 CPU or Samsung’s home-grown Exynos CPU. There was also nothing said about the 32GB model being cancelled. Lee did confirm that there will be two versions of the device available, one with NFC & one without. Either way, we’re happy to hear news that brings the Galaxy S II closer to reality, and our hands.

Source: Samsung Hub.
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Lucas Burnett

I wondering if Singtel is picking it up, if so Optus will have it for sure. If Singtel pick up an exclusive on it, it could have a follow on effect hear.

John Sharpley

I just want to know about the battery life.. this the Atrix and the Pyramid as with all Smart Phone need massive batteries to make them really usable.. Just hope they can give some battery stats soon… Maybe someone needs to create a standard that can accurately compare battery life rather than everyone doing their own little tests. Similar to benchmarking the frame rates.


Man the specs on this device still sound so vague. They won’t even say what CPU/chipset it will come with, that’s a pretty big design decision right there. It makes you wonder what’s happening over at Samsung. I really just want them to announce a phone with these specs will be released on this date with this price at these retailers. Is that hard to do?


What does nfc mean? and what does it do?

Buzz Moody

NFC = Near Field Communication.

The best way to describe would be to watch this video..


NFC was on the news yesterday, wirh visa already conducting trials with anz. Soon we wiil be paying groceries with our mobile phone.

Mikhail Cass

What do they mean one with and one without? Is it really that big a price difference?
I still don’t know the full capabilities of NFC but i’d like my next phone to be as future proof as possible!

Buzz Moody

I’m guessing they’re going to be charging more for NFC seeing as though no one really uses it. The non-NFC version will be slightly cheaper.