As you may or may not know, there are two major variants of the Galaxy S II: the i9100 and i9103. The difference? Well until now we didn’t know, that’s where Samsung Hub come in with their confirmation. The latter is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU and uses Super LCD display, whereas the i9100 uses Samsung’s own Exynos CPU and Super AMOLED + display technology. For tech savvy individuals, like you guys & girls, there is a bit of a difference; Super AMOLED + is far better than that of Super LCD and Samsung’s Exynos dual-core CPU is also kicking goals. The average consumer on the other hand, won’t be too fussed at what variant of Galaxy S II is being put into their hands.

Now that we have confirmation that the Galaxy S II is coming to Australia sometime around June, it’ll be interesting to see what variant will be sold here. We kind of hope it’s the i9100, but even if it’s not I’m still going to buy mine outright. How about you guys?

Source: Samsung Hub.
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I’m hoping my region is getting the 9103 c’os as Simon stated with the Tegra 2 > Exynos in that it is used in more devices. And that said I’m not sure I prefere the S-Amoled over S-LCD yes it has more vibrant colors but: 1) I alway have the brightness turned all the way down (11% I think) I like the dark-ish washed out colors it gives and looking at my friends x10 vs my SGS I still think his screen looks atleast AS great. 2) I constantly use my phone to surf the web and the S-Amoled really… Read more »


So going to get the SGS II i9100 the Super AMOLED Plus is to die for!


Nah If the phone has an LCD display and Tegra 2 processor, I might as well go with LG it’ll be cheaper.. Bring on the Exynos ans SAMOLED+ I say!!


I have to disagree, the Super AMOLED isn’t “far better than that of Super LCD” they both are great screens ( i agree that the Super AMOLED has color advantages on Super LDC)

My decision is gonna be based on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Chip. Reason being is that there will be more applications and games targeted for the Tegra 2 since it’s adopted by LG (G-Slate, G2X), Motorola (XOOM) and many others…


I am dying to get the SGS2, but if it ain’t got SAMOLED+, I’m not getting it.

Here’s hoping Telus, or one of the other 850MHz companies get the SAMOLED+ version overseas so I can import a NextG-Compatible version.


Agree that super am is amazing. However, have no evidence whatsoever that the Samsung chip outperforms tegra 2. The usual questions arise that Samsung chips have great gpus but struggle on Linux benchmarks. I have heard all sorts of drivel about how the tests are geared for other chips but not Samsung ones. Personally I don’t believe the stories…

Nathan Elcoate

110% can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as it doesn’t have the lag issues that used to make me want to throw my Galaxy S against the wall every time I tried to use it!

Buzz Moody

Every time someone brings up the lag issues with the Galaxy S, I instantly think of this video I made showing it.

Justin Harvey

it wont. they sorted out all the lag issued in 2.2.1.


Yup. Flashed XWJS7 + JPY on mine and it’s like a new phone. So for me, the dual cores can wait a year or two now. More RAM would be more useful to me than an extra core, esp for web browsing.

John Sharpley

I will be getting one of these I think.. It seems to just pip the Atrix I think… and the Samoled will definitely improve battery life which has bothered me about the smart android phones (which aren’t to smart in the battery department)


LCD screen that big might chew up a lot of power…

Nathan Elcoate

My Desire HD goes all day no problem with a 4.3″ screen, my Streak used to go all day with a 5″ screen…., just need good management!

Buzz Moody

They don’t have dual-core processors 😉


If we don’t get samoled+ I’ll be getting an overseas model.

Nathan Elcoate

Yes but Tegra 2 would be nice!

geoff fieldew

I think the main benefit is Tegra zone, which is cool, but I rarely game on my phone, so I’d prefer sammy’s chip. Are there any other benefits to Tegra 2 that aren’t just benchmark comparos?


Is super amoled more battery efficient then super lcd cause atm battery life would be my choice, in the end i may even choose the atrix as buzz’s review showed its good battery life

Buzz Moody

Yep, Super AMOLED + is more battery efficient than the Super LCD.