Well this is kind of hilarious, Qualcomm Germany thought they’d jump the gun on HTC and announce that their new 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU is powering the yet-to-be-officially-announced HTC Sensation (or Pyramid as it was codenamed). They even linked to a nice video, embedded above, which lets an Engineer and good ol’ Grandma explain why the new CPU is going to kick so much ass. There’s no mention of this beast being powered by Unicorn tears, but they do get into the technical aspect of each core being separately powered and can be clocked at different speeds, which is a feature no other dual-core on the market currently has. So yeah, your move HTC. Qualcomm’s Tweet which lead to this news, after the break.

Source: Engadget.
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Is it me or is the lines on the floor moving !!!!!!


Is it me or is the lines on the floor moving !!!!!!

Tim Marshall

Eh! what was that about stereoscopic 3d ??


The question I have about the ad is: Who is the ad actually targeted towards?
With a runtime of over a minute and a half, for an ad about a mobile CPU, it seems too long for a TV spot.


Am I the only one that thought that video was incredibly annoying and really un-funny?

I’m not sure if we’re supposed to laugh at the dorky Indian guy’s accent or the smart-ass talking grandma, because I couldn’t stand either of them. Add to that, if you actually listen to what they’re saying, it’s pretty much the most boring advert about technology I’ve ever heard.


hahahaha lol htc sensation

Beeza Geeza

But is the bootloader unlocked/unsigned?

Buzz Moody



Actually I think it is a very interesting video in so much as it is taking something very technical and trying to bring the info to the average person.

It reminds me of when Intel began to own the “whats inside” theme for pc.

But the background music is soooooooooo annoying!

Ian Tester

I think it’s condescending and insulting.

See the engineer? (yes, probably an actor since he has trouble pronouncing several words) He’s smart, educated, and knowledgeable, but we’ll depict him as socially awkward (NERD!) and treat what he says as irrelevant for comedic effect. Sadly this is standard for the anti-intellectual U.S. But don’t worry, you can sit your fat arse on the couch and play with sophisticated consumer electronics designed by educated foreigners!


that ad was horrid