Back in January we were told the LG Optimus Black was going to launch in May, evidently that did not happen. A few rumours and leaks later, we can finally say the Optimus Black has launched over at Vodafone. The device is available on Voda’s lowest cap ($0 on $29) which includes $180 of credit, 200MB of data, unlimited Voda-to-Voda and free access to Social Procrastination Networks. Specs of the device are pretty nice as well:

  • 4″ (800×480) NOVA IPS LCD – Extra bright at 700nit
  • Android 2.2
  • 5MP Camera (720p video recording) / 2MP Front-facing
  • 9.2mm thin

It looks good on paper, but whether it works well in your everyday use is another question. As always we’ll be on the lookout for a review unit.

Source: Vodafone - Online Store.
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when will this actually hit the stores opposed to just online at the moment?


wowow vodafone are pulling out all stops atm

Aryan Ameri

When you look at the spec of this thing, this is better than the HTC Desire that was a flagship device last year, and sold on the $79 cap for most of the year. 

One year later, and now a device like this is hitting the very bottom of the post-paid plans. The march of technology is amazing really. 

How many mid to high end Android phones have been launched in the past month? Meanwhile, Nokia, RIM and Apple aren’t going to launch a single new device in the next three months. And people wonder why Android is winning?!


Look at it this way: this device is thinner and faster than the iPhone with a bigger, brighter screen and it costs less. Yet it won’t get glances from most iPhone owning customers who know nothing about phones and are about to renew their plans (the iPhone 3GS came out just under two years ago, remember). Talk about having a hold of the market, Apple.

It’s sort of depressing, really. I’d like this device were it not underpowered and using LG’s terrible UI system.


It’s also on virgin for the same price

Simon O'Connor

The virgin plan only includes 100MB at that price (it’s the easy cap compared to the $29 Big Cap, which costs another $5 a month for this phone).

But dang, that’s some good specs for the pricepoint that I have my Lg Optimus One at.

Engadget seem to like it, but think it’s underspecced compared to high end phones, but at the $29 price point it’s pretty unmatched:


You can also get the Google Nexus S for $0 on the same Vodafone $29 Cap. I’d say that matches this deal if not better.


My only dilemma. Optimus black or nexus s ??


It’s also on virgin for the same price