Update: Vodafone couldn’t shed any light on HTC discontinuing the device, but they said they’ll continue to sell it.

It was only mid-way through March that Vodafone got a hold of the HTC Desire Z and started to sell it in stores, now news out of online retailer Clove, in the UK, suggests that HTC have discontinued the Desire Z. Why would HTC want to discontinue a phone that isn’t even a year old? The only good reason would be lackluster sales, which could be indeed be it seeing as though there wasn’t a massive push of the device here in Australia and I suspect the same elsewhere in the world. When Chris reviewed the device, he didn’t seem to have any major problems with it, so there wasn’t any massive flaws holding it back. There’s no word as to whether or not the T-Mobile G2 in the US will also be discontinued. We’ve reached out to Voda for some more info.


Source: Clove UK.
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This doesn’t have anything to do with the release of the HTC doubleshot soon would it?


> There’s no word as to whether or not the T-Mobile G2 in the US will also be discontinued.

It has. See:


I hope they don’t think the cha cha is their kb phone replacement. *Facepalm*

Handsets with physical keyboards (as well as a choice to have or have not) is one added thing going for Android. It is a draw card for BBerry users and those corporate types.

I must add I love my Desire Z and had it since September 2010

peter baker

shame.  I have one.  great phone


G2 was discontinued in the US as of 6-6-11. Desire Z has followed suit, as per HTC’s instructions. Why? Beats me.

Norman Ma

Vodafone put it at a stupid price here in Australia. It should’ve been released at the same time as the Desire HD (back in Spring whenever it was) at the same price as the Desire HD. Instead it’s still at a stupid price point of $10/month on a $45 Infinite plan. Why it’s not at least free on that plan now baffles me.

Greig Taylor

Weird considering it was one of the few smartphones with a physical keyboard giving it a unique selling feature.