Big news for owners of the brand new HTC Incredible S, Desire, Wildfire and Aria this morning as the long-awaited AlphaRev X hits public beta. AlphaRev X will allow you to software unlock (s-off) your phone which opens the door to root access, custom recovery and custom roms. As this is still in beta stage caution is advised, but if you’re into the mod scene then this is the news you’ve been waiting for! Lets us know whether you’ll be attempting this and your results in the comments

Source: @alpharevx.
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Yeah like a big boi i have one of those homo wildfire prepaid telstra sets and i can’t get it to root even with this new patch.

Drew Freyling

My Desire is already S-OFFed with the original AlphaRev. Not sure there is any benefit with this version?


Congrats Matty. Fitting that your first post is about modding 😉

Matt Booth

Yeh I reckon! I’m hoping I can do a similar post for the Atrix soon… Because if I can’t it’s going on ebay!


Nexus 3 is a fair way off yet though.

Leo Wings

HTC Wildfire (Telstra)

Was: S-On / Android 2.2 (Telstra)

Now: S-Off / Android 2.3.4 (CyanogenMod7)

No issues at all… Very fast and easy 🙂


can u please tell me how to do it> icant seem to do it says this device isnt supported yet, i have a htc telstra wildfire S on android 2.2.1 please help coz it sux arse

Brad Butler

Just s-offed my incredible S, got root now and all that optus bloatware is frozen

Matt Booth

Nice one. Are you tempted to try a custom rom or are you happy enough on stock without the bloatware? This one looks pretty sweet:

Brad Butler

Not sure which one ill flash yet… ill prob will flash a custom.. i like to play lol… just remember to nandroid

Brad Butler

I caven and loaded a custom rom, Android Revolution HD.. OC to 1.7GHz lol. Now have 100mB more ram than with stock.. removed most of sence

Susan Vriens

Sweet! I think I’ll wait till it’s out of beta, but huzzah nonetheless!

Buzz Moody

Nice first post, Matty. Can’t wait for more 😀

Also good news for HTC device owners!


Horeee i will try.. thanks mate…


not working for me :(.

Brad Butler

what is it doing.. i may be able to help


i bought from optus straight away and it came with optus applications etc. I have flashed it to the virgin rom. when i tried to use alpharevx they stuck on an acquiring root (method 2..). must i flash to optus rom first before i use alpharevx?
thanks Brad

Brad Butler

Hmm the virgin rom should work too. It looks like gingerbreak is having a hissy. have you done temproot before? also have you got htc sync installed?