Vodafone are right on the ball with providing updates lately, just a few days ago they pushed out a performance update for the Galaxy S II and today they’re pushing out a major update for the original Samsung Galaxy S. This update is Android 2.3.3 which will bring all Galaxy S devices on Vodafone right up to — almost — the latest version of the Android OS. The update is available via Samsung’s update software, Kies, so head over there and work your way update the Android chain from 2.2 to 2.3 (so many to/too/twos). Let us know in the comments how you go. Oh yeah, that pic above, it’s a bad mock-up 😉

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Ricardo Man Rivera

Hi there, I have updated my samsung galaxy s to some icecream update but now it keeps turning off and sometimes doesnt even work so i want to install the gingerbread given by Vodafone but the problem is that my phone wont connect to the computer via kies does anyone have any suggestions?


How is everyone updating the i9000 in Australia? I can’t! And mine is driving me insane! I keeps force closing on me all the time 🙁 I even went to vodafone and asked how to upgrade only to be told to google it -_- definitely changing carriers when my contract is over!!! Vodafone sucks BIG TIME so does Kies 🙁 my phone is only on 2.2 && I think an update will help. Any suggestions?


Why is anyone still on stock roms? Custom roms have been available on gingerbread for over a month now, and it’s awesome.


There is no 2.3 update for SGS at this time 🙁 ***As per Vodafone Blog site*** UPDATE: 14 July, 2011 Hi Everyone, Thanks for your patience, sorry for the inconvenience this original post may have caused. The firmware version I9000XXJVO which we approved will not be available due to an internal issue with Samsung. Samsung is currently working on a new and improved firmware release and in conjunction with us, will bring a new version to the market as a maintenance release.  Sincere apologies to any Samsung Galaxy S owners using the 3 variant, there was a communication mistake regarding… Read more »


I am out of Australia in Malaysia now should it be Updated as well, I bought a Factory Unlocked Set its form Australia and runs 2.2 really want to upgrade to 2.3 


As of 10:00 am AEST there is still no update to Gingerbread for Galaxy S handsets..


Anyone confirm Virgin and the original Galaxy S has 2.2? I’ve tried multiple times from their “guide” and Kies (cough) to no such luck. No idea what’s going on :/


I believe the issue is the Kies update. I think you need to update that first before you get offered the firmware update.

That being said, Kies refuses to connect to the internet to get the update.


booooo to vodafone.


Very disappointing Vodafone. You dont have the best track record and you havent been able to get this update out or resolve it as yet.


I’ll believe it when it ACTUALLY happens…


No update found on my wife’s galaxy s …. mine’s alteration 2.3.4 thanks to leaked Samsung rom weeks ago….

Justin Zobel

Also getting no update. VF dropped the ball again yay! 

Hopefully resolved by tomorrow.

Peter Kelley

I can’t see the update yet, is it a staged rollout?


Beaten by Vodafone …. Shame OPTUS, Shame …….

Buzz Moody

It’s official via Vodafone’s Blog, so the update must be there in the cloud somewhere guys. 



I threw in a Vodafone SIM into my I9000 but it did not detect any updates. 🙁


Connected to Kies, no firmware update found.


Kies told me i was running the latest firmware as well

HAPPY Technologies

and what about Optus, stupid Optis

Phillip Scott

I would love to update via Kies, but it still doesn’t work! Kies does not even pick up my phone is connected! So I’m still stuck on 2.1 🙁


Any news on when the Virgin SGS 2.3 update will be out?