The last time we saw the elusive Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo, it was nothing more than a very pixelated and blurry image. Now we have this new high-quality press shot that also came with a few details on the device’s specs and release date, as reported by Phone Arena. First off the design of the phone has changed from the first picture we saw. The top of the device is no longer curved and instead is more reminiscent of the Xperia Arc.

Secondly, we have some specs. The name Xperia Duo does indeed related to the phone having a Dual-Core CPU clocked at 1.4GHz that will either be a Qualcomm MSM8260 or NovaThor A9500; there will be a whopping 1.5GB of RAM to make sure that Sony Ericsson’s TimeScape will never again eat all of your RAM; the screen will be qHD (960×540) 4.5-inch; a HUGE 2500mAh battery which should get your through a full day of intense use easily; a 12MP Exmor R CMOS sensor for the camera; and will of course run good ol’ Android 2.3.

Finally, the release date for the Xperia Duo is sometime in September and we’re hoping it will head to Australia very soon after. Hit the break for the full size picture of the Xperia Duo.

Source: Phone Arena.
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Looks good but I doubt anyone would buy it.


i’d buy this simply for the battery
i hope it’s not too thick though


These specs make me very very excited. Combined with SE’s beautiful design and unlocked bootloaders this could be a real winner


Nice nice nice.
It does kind of kill off the Arc before it’s barely released….
The Galaxy II needs a bit of competition.


I’m liking the screen size.
It does seem pretty impressive, if those specifications are indeed accurate.

Guess we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to be sure.

Matt McLeod

In theory this looks really nice.  I’d been thinking the Arc was a lovely bit of kit, except for the guts being about a year out of date…

September’s a bit tricky though.  The tail end of this year should be seeing a whole bunch of new devices hitting the market (the next iPhone, Nokia’s first WP7 unit, the N9, and whatever Google goes with as the Ice Cream Sandwich flagship) so chances are S-E will once again be playing catch-up.

A pity, that.  They’re doing lovely things with the industrial design but they keep coming to market too late!


No doubt will be very thick with a battery that size but a happy sacrifice i’d make for my galaxy 2 for the extra battery life trade off! Sounds like this will be one hell of a phone…