The device you can see above has leaked out in China and is apparently headed to AT&T in the US of A. There is very little known about this device at the present time, and could be a prototype for all we know. But what is assumed from the images (found after the break) is that it has a curved 4-inch (or more) display which will no doubt be qHD; doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner; has an 8MP front camera that shoots 1080p and a front facing camera; and since it’s made for AT&T it will run on 850MHz — which is Telstra NextG and Vodafone’s new network.

After having used the Atrix for an extended period of time a couple of months back, I can say it’s the worst Android device I’ve used. With that in mind, I’m hoping Motorola can lift their game with this unnamed handset.

Source: Unwired View.
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Agree with other comments here. You must have rocks in your head if you think the ATRIX is the worst Android phone. Personally, out of all the Android phones I’ve used, it has to be the best. Yeah sure it should be better given its specs, but in real world use, it has outshone everything else I’ve used.


The Atrix performance is disappointing out the box, considering the high end hardware specs it really should perform better than it does. Does that make it the ‘worst android device’ Buzz has used? Maybe, it’s a subjective statement based on personal preference. Coming from someone who thinks the SGS II is the greatest phone ever made, I take it with a grain of salt ­čÖé It’s unfortunate that a lot of phones suck straight out of the box, hell the original SGS sucked out of the box as well. The android community implemented a range of bug fixes and improvements… Read more ┬╗

Johann Lo

Worst android handset ever… perhaps if you’re talking relative to the HW specs.┬á Yes for a dual core 1Gb beast with ungodly screen res, its a lot slower and buggier than you’d expect. But even in that stock state its still not exactly slow or total interface fail.┬á Now that BL is unlocked its totally jerkyl and hyde: remove motobloat and the raw hardware absolutely screams. I actually like the screen (perfect FF, great res, don’t care about the colours as they look fine,), decent battery, my ideal FF (those 4.3″ handsets are monstrous). If there ever was a case… Read more ┬╗

Matthew Smith

Pfffft, worse Android ever used. If there was ever an artical to make me want to avoid this forum, this is it. I think it’s fine to be bias towards products we personally like, but to be a “Founder and Editor-in-Chief” for a┬áforum trying to promote Android OS’s, one would assume it would be better to just provide positive, reliable and informative articles… Buzz Moody, you are the worse Founder and Editor-in-Chief of any Android┬áforum I have ever seeked information from. I’m sure you have won the hearts of many HTC/Samsung fan boys like yourself, and have now pushed away… Read more ┬╗

Buzz Moody

Don’t know if anyone has noticed but in the third picture next to the Motorola and AT&T symbol it says “Sony Ericsson V6”..


Original Atrix worst Android phone you’ve used? care to back up your statement? Pretty sure ausdroid’s review on the phone was hardly that critical.┬á

Ches Trulson

Ah, good old Ausdroid, biased and unprofessional, as always. ┬á The Atrix is the worst Android device you’ve ever used? ┬áWith a qHD screen, a gig of ram, hdmi out and a 1.0ghz dual core processor? ┬áRiiiiiiiiight. No doubt it has some big flaws, the pentile screen has very poor image quality, and motoblur is average, but the worst Android phone? ┬áCome off it, mate. As far as the story itself goes, the phone looks like an Atrix with a new skin, and maybe a new LCD. No fingerprint scanner either, i see. Colour me interested, anyway. An Atrix with… Read more ┬╗


The Atrix the worst Android device you have ever used??? Yes it has it’s issues like every phone but having used it since March it is amongst the BEST Android phones out there and that is after using HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus One.. All have positives and all have negatives but the Atrix is NOT the worst Android device ever by a LONG shot. Perhaps you need to try it now Gingerbread is out for the AT&T version as it is now rock solid.