Samsung have just released the Android 2.3.3 update for the Galaxy S on Optus. To install the update you’ll to install Samsung Kies, connect your Galaxy S to your computer and then update. Android 2.3.3 brings many speed and bugfixes to the Samsung Galaxy S, which have certainly been needed. Let us know how you go in the comments 🙂

Source: Samsung Support.
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how do I turn Optus Now off? I have a Samsung Galaxy S


2.3.3 has been a total disappointment with the failure of the ActivSync component constantly dropping out and force closing. I’m unable to reset it up even after following all advice from the professionals and will now have to result in returning to a Blackberry for business use. Sad sad day.

Nickolas Goodwin

Keeps timing out during update!!!


Just updated to 2.3.3 for Optus Galaxy S.
So far amazing improvement in speed. It all feels nice and light just like when I first bought it… Luv it! 🙂


Just tried to update my Virgin Aust Samsung S via Kies .  It located and downloaded the firmware but then hangs on preparing firmware.  I let it run for over an hour before I disconnected ther phone.  Now everytime I connect it just hangs at the same point.

Any Ideas??


Thankyou Virgin. It is amazing!


Thank you virgin! Its about time!!

Juan Mackie

I know I am pushing my luck but any idea on 2.3.4 now or how to get it ? kies or ?

Juan Mackie

Updated last night after many attempts, through Kies on Windows. Virgin Mobile


Just logged into Kies, Gingerbread 2.3.3 finally available on Virgin!!!


Received a tweet from Virgin, they said gingerbread is still in testing for Galaxy S. Not sure what the hold up is if it has already been approved by Optus.


Already updated through Kies on Virgin for SGS 1 last weekend!

Juan Mackie



I’ve got version is that the one you’ve got?


Why’s there a hold up from Virgin??? Aren’t they on the same network as Optus???


virgin still waiting………..

Michael 222

My Kies keeps on freezing and unable to update

Juan Mackie

Still no update to 2.3 on Virgin Mobile. Tried everything:
1. reinstalled kies
2.reinstalled drivers
3.tried many many times reconnecting 

what more needs to happen awww ??


when does it become available to vodafone?


It’s made my phone go from good to brilliant. Very happy. I had a few difficulties installing. My windows firewal did not like downloading the update. So had to turn off while downloading. Then worked fine.


Did kies just say update available?


Kies updated itself first then when I connected my phone to kies it said firmware update available. Then it needed to download the firmware. Which my firewall didn’t like.


your lucky. mine is saying latest firmware.


SGS on virgin, updated on sat night but it cleared out virgins data settings! fixed it by restoring defaults, works a charm now. 🙂


straight forward through kies? ive tried several times and it keeps saying its the current firmware 🙁


yeah, straight through. My Kies told me there was one available. I’ll post the version number once i get home and you can check if you’re on the same one I am 🙂


ok, I’ve got version is that the one you’ve got?


Hello Rin,
Hope you can assist me. When upgrading to Gingerbread 2.3 with Kies & it asks for a model information server, what should I do?
If you now have Gingerbread, you should hopefully hae some idea.

Please email me @

[email protected]


It says its available but im having the same problem now :


How’d you do it?


i have a samsung galaxy S with optus currently running android 2.2. kies is updated to the latest version and it is not picking up any firmware upgrades for my galaxy S. any suggestions?


have you got latest Kies?When i installed that it told me to update firmware.


hi there i have a samsung galaxy s 2…… i wood love to no if u can change the
status bar color to lime green network,wi-fi,bluetooth, and clock all in green well
look very good so how come there is no setting for it ………and is there a
way u can do it ..for the next up date for android 2.3.5 ok … thank darren


hi there i have a samsung galaxy s 2…… i wood love to no if u can change the
status bar color to green network,wi-fi,bluetooth, and clock all in green well
look very good so how come there is no setting for it ………and is there a
way u can do it ..for the next up date for android 2.3.5 ok …


Juan: yes; finally managed to the Gingerbread onto my Samsung Galaxy S (I’m on Virgin Mobile) a few nights ago.

Took quite a few attempts (it kept failing, eventually hit upon using a different USB port, which forced the driver to reinstalled).

Unfortunately my data connection hasn’t worked since, but I think this is a result of the APN settings being lost, but reset tonight, so hopefully that will resolve (Settings | Wireless and network | Mobile networks | Access Point Names | | Reset to default).



same problem here with the APN. did that and it fixed it 🙂


I tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling for phone. Still not getting anything through kies.

Juan Mackie

Thanks alot for the reply mate, I will try asap fingers crossed


Solved the problem with the battery drain.

For anyone else having the same problem try this: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Market Updater > Clear Data


Battery drain problems are back. I guess it is back to the drawing board.


Easy to is the pointless optus now bloatware. To fix, go onto optus now and press menu and tap terms and conditions and tap deny. I am now getting 92 hours using the phonea few times a day. Remember to go into settings and applications and deactivate optus now and battery life has dramatically increased once deactivated.

Juan Mackie

Anyone on virgin been able to update?


Has anyone been able to upgrade to 2.3 on the virgin network?


 Not me, tried reinstalling Kies from website. Kies tells me firmware is the latest version.


I hate Optus.

I updated to 2.3.3 and while it has solved all of the lag issues that almost made my phone unusable, now i cannot even get through half a day without charging the battery.

I went to bed last night with a fully chaeged phone and woke up this morning and it was at 10% charge.



My understanding was that its a normal thing in 2.3.3.

2.3.4 was released to fix this issue. Problem is, Samsung’s (so I’ve heard) updated the device to 2.3.4 so if you have a branded handset you cant get the update. At least Vodafone & Telstra manage this properly – Device support is where optus totally fail. 

Martin Magee

Does anyone have an official changelog? besides slightly smoother, and extra apps there isnt much, besides graphics. I was so glad to get this, ive had Speedmod installed for a while and its caused nothing but problems for me – including battery drain. i also had Go Launcher..which again drained the hell out the battery. So anyway, if anyone knows or has an official change log, can you post it? Cheers.

Mark Smith

I’m on Virgin & Kies keeps telling me I’m on the latest firmware but I’ll keep periodically checking. With the upgrade to 2.2 it took a couple of days before it would acknowledge it. 

Michael Lindsay

I was so close to switching to CM7.. now I feel like I really should try the official upgrade, but that means dealing with Kies.. urgh.
Kies; the single worst thing about the SGS


It is the now phone i expected when I got it 12mths ago. The optusification of it though may have just tipped me over to an alternative provider next time around.


After updating to 2.3.3 with my Galaxy S it is now very smooth and not laggy at all, but a lot of bloatware and the battery drains really quick. I noticed when I charged my phone to 100% before sleeping last night and when i woke up this morning it was down to 29%. Checked the battery usage status and Android OS was using a massive 50% and optusnow app 20%. I can stop the optusnow app but why is the Android OS using up so much of my battery? is this normal?


i just called samsung support and I was told that this Gingerbread is still not officially realeased.  I called because I can not get the Gingerbread on Kies and this guy told me that “People who got it “rooted” their phone and has lost their warranty as a result”.  Can you guys tell me if this is true?


I don’t think so, because I’m with Virgin, but I have unlocked optus stock and it updated to 2.3.3 and I haven’t rooted my ph.  The only thing I did was use a different User Interface from Touchwiz.


– cant get the 2.3.3 on the Kies, I have a updated to the latest version of Kies, I have a SGS that was bought from Virgin but uses it with Optus SIM card


Funnily enough, I bought my SGS from Optus (using optus SIM), but guess what: It’s XSA (Virgin/generic firmware). Have not been able to update to Gingerbread via Kies. Tom


My sister in law bought her ph from Virgin and it is virgin stock and she can’t update to 2.3.3 whereas I’m with virgin but bought unlocked optus stock from All Phones and I was able to update straight away.

Jack Todaro

I got tired of waiting for the update and instead flashed CM7 the night before this update was released. At first I was thinking ‘just my luck’, but judging from the comments about all the bloatware I think I made the right move.

After waiting for so long, you’d THINK they’d have a heart not to load all that crapware onto the device. Obviously not.


Installed 2.3.3 on the 1st of august it is so much faster and seemless, a overly long time to wait for some very simple improvements but worth it.


Just installed on my Froyo + Voodoo Lag-fixed phone. I disabled the Voodoo lagfix before updating and Kies looks to have installed Gingerbread fine.

Not a huge fan of the Optus start up screen or the extra bloatware they’ve added.

So far it seems pretty quick, but its hard to tell since I only upgraded 30mins ago. I also got a lower Quadrant score after the install:
Froyo + Voodoo: 1519
Gingerbread: 1009

Does anybody know if its worth installing Voodoo again? Or if you even can on 2.3.3?


Forgot to mention… when updating the firmware Kies kept complaining with the message “Cannot access model information server. Try later.” after trying about half a dozen times it just worked.


After the install I lost the data connection (phone/SMS works just fine). Called Virgin and got the following answer:
1. Go to Settings > Wireless and network > mobile networks > use packet data must be ticked (shouldn’t be the issue), now more technical:  
2. Go to Settings > Wireless and network > mobile networks > Access Point Names > Option button, click on ‘Reset APN’.   
Works for me.


Hey Mike, are you saying you have actually installed the new 2.3.3 on a Virgin phone?  If so, how did you do it?  I tried resetting my APN, then connected to Kies, but it still doesn’t pick up a new update.


I downloaded it and installed it, much faster, noticed too that it goes to the 4th screen for the home.  It did error downloading three files, and when I tried to download them again, again it errored and disappeared.  Strange !!
Has anyone used the Optus Navigation ? What is that like ?


I got tired of waiting for Optus to “test” already outdated 2.3.3. Installed 2.3.5 and I’m happy now.


Any news for Virgin customer?


virgin uses the optus firmware, thats why you have all the rubbish from optus you cna’t use and can’t uninstall. I’m on virgin and have the update… I haven’t done it yet because i have 14% battery, but once that’s dealt with I will be doing it


Im with Virgin and still cannot access the update 🙁


It is disappointing to see the real reason it took so long. Nothing to do with testing gingerbread itself. Obviously it was to load up all the Optus bloatware/spam and the startup logo.

Given we bought the device with minimal/no optus branding this should be seen as breach of contact. Especially if you own it outright.

Imagine buying a car, putting it in for service only to get it back with dealer or manufacturer stickers and logos all over it.


Damit I read this on the train in the morning… Have to wait all day before I can update… Fingers crossed it works seamlessly


installed 2.3.3 just fine, however home button is always pointing to the 4th screen (have 5 in total) instead of the 1st screen, anyone with the same issue?


That makes sense to me.  Since there are 7 home screens by default, home should take you to the middle one so that the end ones are no more than 3 swipes away.  I never understood why it sent you to the first one.  Obviously if you only have 5 it should go to the 3rd one, though.


Seems stock euro firmware doesn’t have this behaviour.  I just flashed XXJVR using heimdall and home button takes it to page 1.  Pity.  Not sure I like the new keyboard, either.

Avon Perera

It’s one of the stupidest oversights ever. The home button on all other devices takes you to the middle screen. Ie: if you have 5 screens it’ll take you to screen 3. It seems either Optus or Samsung decided that their customers will ONLY use 7 screens and no less. Therefore it always tries to to go screen 4 even if you only use 3 screens (as I do). Seriously Optus… 4 months of waiting while you “test” and no communication with your customers and something like this slips through? Next time I’m just going to buy an outright phone… Read more »


delete all the pages apart from one. Then press the home button a few times (not sure if this does anything but this is how i found it 🙂 ) then when you add more pages the first page will remain the home screen page like on previous versions… still awful that you have to do this but there is a fix


only problem is the wallpaper still acts like the fourth page is the home screen when in the lock screen…. all round poor effort really, but hopefully they sort their stuff out and then should be ok

Mark Snelling

*Optus / gbread 2.3.3

Thanks to Avon’s orig post, I re-arranged my home screens & started using 3 pages (making the middle page my “home screen”).

This has worked perfectly – until just now, when I connected/mounted my phone. It’s now gone back to thinking page 3 is my “home screen”, grr! I suspect some critical file/setting must change when you mount the phone, and the original page layout is lost. Restart made no difference.


Please explain how to install. I cannot install 2.3.3 on my Galaxy S. Virgin/Optus network in Australia.

Justin Zobel

Got sick of waiting for Vodafone and Optus to release Gingerbread so I flashed my girlfriends and my phone to 2.3.4. It was rediculously easy too.

It is sad that all Android users are at the mercy of the carrier’s crappy long-winded testing.


Which firmware did you flash?  I see 3 different versions of 2.3.4 on samfirmware.  Downloading the newest (XXJVR) now…notice it has a different .pit listed compared to my current fw (XWJS7) which I’m not sure will be a problem…


Any reason why it won’t let me update it? The firmware I got on there is:

PDA: JP5Phone: JP3
Firmware: 2.2
Baseband Version: I9000DTJP3
Built Number: Froyo.DTJP5
Kernal Version:


kies constantly crashes!
have latest version from samsung website: Kies_2.0.2.11071_128_2.exe
it crashes on startup.
called samsung support they said all the standard stuff, restart pc/phone bah blah and download a different version from the samsungapps website: Kies_2.0.1.11053_99_3.exe

evidently an older version. still having same problem!!
anyone else having this issue with kies?
about to try on a different OS, wish me luck.


I have the same issue with the Kies crashing. Also having the issue that it is allowing me to click upgrade firmware but is then hiding the pop up window that does the upgrade. Not to mention it wiped the computer from remembering the USB device driver. So sick of restarting the comp to try and get it working! Is there a manual file we can use to upgrade instead of going through Kies. 


What OS are you on? We had a lot of trouble with Kies on Vista I think it was, but Win7 Pro has been okay.


Its like having a new phone! The phone really flys now. I was getting pretty sick of the lag issues and was about to flash a custom ROM but will give that a miss for now (well maybe until ice cream comes out).

Optus how about being a bit quicker next time and thanks for all the useless bloatware.. NOT!


Get root access of your galaxy s . Buy bloat freeze.
Then use it to freeze the optus links and any useless apps.

David Klaverstyn

No need to buy anything if you have root access.  You can remove the apps (not freeze them) using Android Mate and browsing to /system/apps/


Whats everyone using to root their recently kies updated 2.3.3 JVN optus firmware i can find heaps that say they will root JVK only??


Thanks for the report. My wife’s Galaxy S has been shit slow lately – hopefully the update will improve things.

Craig Cottle

about time, seems pretty good so far


I purchased a SGS 1 from Virgin today on the big cap. I noticed that it had 2 tamper seals on it. The one underneath was broken, though the one on top was intact. I was a little concerned until I found that the phone was running 2.3.3 I was also shocked to see that it has no bloatware from optus or virgin.

Anyone else experienced this?Whats the best way to root this device now? =)