You might remember a few months ago when rumours of a successor to the Motorola XOOM — dubbed the XOOM 2, of course — first hit the web.

Since then, a tablet with the name Motorola KORE has been floating around the rumoursphere. To add to these KORE rumours, Motorola have recently registered,,, and — all of which throw 404 errors.

Either Motorola are sitting back and trolling the tech world, or they’ve got something up their sleeves.

Here’s something to keep in mind as well: we were told that the XOOM 2 would be hitting our shores around Christmas. Some tech lovers just might have a Motorola KORE under their Christmas Trees come December 25th. Will you be one?

Source: Android Community.
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What do you mean I have had 2 major Updates in just three months 3.1 & 3.2 within a couple of days of release .Much better than my HTC desire phone which has had 1 update to froyo in 18 months.I had to root it to get Gingerbread 6 months ago.please note I have a US Xoom. Cheers


Based on the level of support for the current XOOM, which I own, I doubt i’ll ever pay alligience to moto again. Its very disheartening that the few sales they have secured don’t seem to be int iced by simple things like giving us an update. Believe it or not that would have gone a long way. I for one regret buying the tablet but all I can is good luck moto with your XOOM 2 or whatever the hell you have dubbed it.


Do you mean the lack of updates such as the 3.1 update that just came out a couple of weeks ago turning on SD Card and other stuff?

Yeah, desolation when it comes to updates……