Samsung looks to be moving forward with the release of the anticipated Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. It was picked up by a tipster in a yet to be released Myer catalogue that the flagship Tablet will be making its way on to store shelves by September 1st, which is either a bold move by Samsung in the hope that the courts will rule in their favour or a sign of reckless abandon and they will attempt to sell the device despite ongoing legal action.

The good news for our New Zealand readers though, is the Australian injunction has not affected the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Vodafone which is expected in stores this week.

So our fingers are crossed for Samsung making it through these legal proceedings unscathed and that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will remain in the Myer catalogue by the time it gets to our letter boxes. At the end of the day this could have helped to boost Samsungs sales, because as the saying goes “Any publicity is good publicity”.

Source: Phandroid

Source: National Business Review NZ.
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Jamie Nicholson

I called two different Myer stores here in Perth today, enquirng about availability. Both stores said the same thing, although it is in the catalogue, they still don’t have final confirmation as to whether or not they will be selling them come the day.


We (Myer) were told the same as everyone else that its been delayed. The catalogue was printes before thw delay. We have quite a few catalogues and even tickets printed for a catalogue starting tomorrow that we cant put out. I emailed ausdroid bout this as well. We have all the codes and all 12 variants on order but no stock as with everyone else. Pricing is exactly the same as ipad counterpart when or if it does arrive.


Cant wait


I just want one!


I just want one!


No Touchwiz UX preloaded? Or is that just an old marketing photo? I don’t know the exact nature of the patents that Apple is using to try and make their case, but I can’t help but wonder if it is related to the fact TouchWiz UX looks “more like” iOS than stock Honeycomb? If that is the case, I won’t be surprised if Samsung release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with stock Honeycomb and offer the TouchWiz UX as an upgrade after the purchase. Unless they never planned on pre loading it with TouchWiz UX, then please ignore my post


Ok so you know…that has been postponed there too. Keep in mind most places print their catalogues well in advance of releasing them. Im sorry but you should have checked the facts first before posting. This was not a samsung decision so unless samsung make a statement and still ship. Its not happening. It was printed in anticipation before the delay announcement.


Great post, Irwin and am really looking forward to reading more from you.
Now for question from me – have you got confirmation from Myers that they are indeed going to stock the Galaxy on their shelves? Myers could have simply forget to remove the device from their catalogue??


Cant remove once printed. Unfortunate.

Geoff Fieldew

Congrats on your first post mate.