Did you know that Red Bull MOBILE exists? You do now, and it’s launching September 29th. Red Bull MOBILE will utilise Vodafone’s 3G network (yay.) to offer their customers once they sign up to their prepaid-only services.

As a special offer for their launch, Red Bull MOBILE are selling customised (read: branded) versions of the HTC ChaCha — a current exclusive to Vodafone — for $239 with an Access 60 recharge thrown in for free. These devices will start shipping on the 29th, which is kind of stupid considering their services begin the same day, so they should ship them earlier so people have them in-hand at launch. Oh yeah; shipping is free.

A little tidbit to note about the HTC ChaCha mentioned on Red Bull MOBILE’s site: it’s 900/2100MHz not 850/2100MHz like the ones sold at Vodafone, so it won’t be using Vodafone’s new, non-congested network. Cool. Plans after the break.

Their prepaid options are very enticing, but it’s Vodafone’s network that leaves doubt in my mind and you’ll release why in a minute. Their prepaid options are as follows..

  • Access 7 – $10 – 7 days access – Unlimited calls and texts** – 750MB data
  • Access 15 – $20 – 15 days access – Unlimited calls and texts** – 1.5GB data
  • Access 30 – $39 – 30 days access – Unlimited calls and texts** – 4GB data
  • Access 60 – $75 – 60 days access – Unlimited calls and texts** – 8GB data
  • Access 365 – $365 – 365 days access – Unlimited calls and texts** – 5GB data/mo

**: All calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles and national phones within Australia across ANY network – even 1800 and 1300 numbers are included.

Yes, that’s right unlimited calls and a fair helping of data — that certainly won’t affect Vodafone’s already crippled network at all. Red Bull, you know I’m addicted to your drinks, but I’m going to have to pass up your mobile offering, I’m sorry. How about you guys, has this piqued some interest?

Source: Red Bull MOBILE.
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Simm only offer is crap, I bought a simm put it in my Iphone data in blocked to Iphones.

Mark Smith

It says 3G Network HSDPA 850/900/2100 on their site now.

David - Hobart

Release or realise?

Alex Dennis

I think their plans are quite competitive but seeming as they are using the already congested Vodafone Network (being that 3 is now vodafone – their website has the updates about it http://www.three.com.au) but I mean the only other plans that come close to the $39 deal is the Boost Mobile $40 but you only get 3gb of data so their plans are EXCELLENT in my books!

James Price

So for essentially $30.41 per month paid up front I can get unlimited calls and txts and 5 gb a month data….. That’s got to be one of the best mobile deals in the world, let alone Australia. Yeah its on Vodafone, but if you know what you’re getting its not that  bad (ie don’t rely on data to always be working).


 thats funny, paying for a service you dont always “Expect to be working”


you pay for access to the network fool the data just happens to be included and if every short sighted person passes it up it wont be as congested