Kogan are arguably the biggest Australian online retailer that sell mostly their own products (or at least branded) made from high-end parts — such as Samsung panels in their TVs. Now Kogan are trying something a little new, by selling brand name products via their online store with extremely cheap pricetags. They’re selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (yep, the one that’s banned here currently) via imports along with the Motorola XOOM.

Currently Kogan are selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and XOOM at a low price during their special offer, and those prices are:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 — 16GB Wi-Fi only (Grey or White) – $499
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 — 16GB 3G & Wi-Fi (Grey or White) – $649
  • Motorola XOOM — 32GB Wi-Fi only – $509
  • Motorola XOOM — 32GB 3G & Wi-Fi – $689

Just to prove we’re not getting kickbacks from MobiCity, those prices are around $100 cheaper than what they have to offer currently — not too shabby, Kogan. These aren’t the only Android products being sold by Kogan, they also sell their own Android TV portal and 7-inch tablet.

Source: Kogan.
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Evan Whiteside

My Tab 10.1 Arrived today. Oh yeah. 🙂 The only thing about the Kogan import is that the power adapter in the box is not Australian. But that’s fine as I charge mine on USB anyway. Very Impressed!

Buzz Moody

You can usually pick up adapters in stores for a couple of dollars

David Klaverstyn

I’ve always wanted to get the Galaxy Tab but I can’t justify it when you can purchase the ASUS Transformer with a keyboard for an extra $40 on what Kogan are selling them at. However, I can’t comment if these retailers are trusted or not.  I’d give them a go if I was willing to part with the dollars.



to send the galaxy tab to my house, there was a $40 delivery fee, the first link on your link there has free delivery. sold.


Are they allowed to be selling samsung tabs?

Evan Whiteside

they’re sending the tabs from Hong Kong, so there is no problem with legality.

Dylan Xavier

its about time u guys start talkign about sources other than overpriced mobicity

Buzz Moody

Well until now there’s been no other retailers we’ve really trusted for our readers to buy through. 


minidisc.com.au had theirs going for $699. But that was a pre-order i suppose.


Its about time that we started to see prices near to whats paid in the USA


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