Move out of the way dual-core and quad-core CPUs, there’s a new frontier of hardware in town: the high-resolution display. With the iPhone 4 currently leading the charge with its 330PPI Retina Display, other manufacturers are starting to work on bumping up the pixel density on their own displays. LG — manufacturers of the iPhone 4 display — are set to launch a device with a 720p display (1280×720) over in South Korea in the next month or so, and we know Sony Ericsson have a device or two with high-resolution displays up their sleeves. But it’s Samsung who are going to be pushing their Super AMOLED technology up and beyond the 300PPI rating when they start the mass production of high-res Super AMOLED displays in the second half of 2012 — just in time for the Samsung Galaxy S III that is meant to have a 1280×1024 (what the fu-) 4.65-inch (352PPI) display.

This technology won’t be limited to just smartphones, it will also make its way to Samsung’s future tablets should Apple allow them to make a rectangle with a touchscreen, so that’s exciting. Overall it’s things like this that make me love and hate technology; I want it now, because when this technology launches next year there will be better stuff around the corner. Damn you, Samsung, I want my HD Super AMOLED Plus Extreme Overkill display now! Who else is a little bit excited?

Source: Phone Arena.
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Dazzler Reham.

It’s what been missing on the mighty super AMOLED screens. It’s so hard to fathom it’s so low right now on ppi and resolution when you look into that screen and all you see is gorgeous. well this will finally push the screen into hopefully a territory screens have not gone before. about time Sammy :).

Excited ?. as excited as a carpet snake in a fowl house. Q2 next year Galaxy S 3 here i come.

Jake Oliver

Gah, I don’t understand why the existing galaxy phones don’t have a higher density as it is.
These are the only phones I’ve been able to increase the density of the screen without it becoming blurry (still looks as sharp as ever)


Excited for sure…more excited about quad core to be honest tho…I think the current pixel density on the sgs 2 is fine…and I love the power of it… but I envision a world where portable all-in-one super phones dominate the world. Sure a tablet will be really nice also but to carry around a handset with the power of a ps3 or Xbox 360 in ur pocket to connect to it television and use a wireless controller…awesome… maybe in my Dreamworld Microsoft will take lead on that frontier due to their established Xbox live system and integrate the two…so maybe… Read more »

Geoff Fieldew

yep, excited, but what’s a dive?

Buzz Moody

The dyslexic spelling of device.

Adam Ricket

hahaha Buzz i presume this is all prep for the Universe?

Andrew Palozzo

As the happy owner of an S2… I’m drooling for the S3 already…

Buzz Moody

As am I *high five*