The folks over at This is my next managed to get their hands on the recently leaked Motorola Atrix 2 (codenamed Edison). Their overall thoughts are at the source link, but their overall view is that it’s an updated version of the original Atrix, however, it has a 4.3-inch qHD screen instead of 4-inches, and now has a 1735mAh battery instead of the 1930mAh battery in the original.

They also said that it’s a little bit faster than the original and that Motorola BLUR enhancements are less noticeable and nicer to use — thank God, BLUR killed most of the user experience on the original Atrix. Another fair point they raised is that Motorola really need to get this out on the market soon, because devices with 720p displays are just around the corner. More info and pics at the source link.

Source: This is my next.
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Ive had a grey import that I bought in from the US for 5 months. Very nice phone for the price which was AUD400 landed unlocked. Only issue was the AT&T bloatware including the inability to use it as a wifi hotspot…no problem just rooted it to fix.

Pierce Andjelkovic

Very very¬†disappointed¬†this isn’t quadcore!

Buzz Moody

I don’t think quad-core phones are going to be all that viable in the next month or so. There’s no quadcores available yet.