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This is my next are having an absolute field day with exclusive Motorola news; next up, the Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition.

This device is meant to be based off the XOOM 2, but in a smaller chassis — 8.2-inch screen instead of 10.1-inch. The display might be smaller, but it will be IPS with an anti-glare (yay!) coating. It will weigh ~430grams, which is lighter than the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 — it weighs 470grams.

The display is made from Gorilla Glass and the whole device is meant to be “splash proof”. It’s made for one-handed use, mainly as an e-reader according to This is my next. To live up to its name, the Media Edition will have an IR Blaster — much like the XOOM 2 — and a built-in subwoofer for those fully sick beats you listen to whilst reading a book.

Looks like Samsung has an 8-inch Honeycomb tablet competitor on its hands. Well.. that if Apple lets them sell the Galaxy Tab 8.9 anywhere. Bring on the competition/lawsuits! Hit the source links for more info, Engadget even have some pictures of the device.

Source: This is my nextEngadget.
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I could really use a tablet this size. My primary use is watching movies on the train and 10″ is a bit too big for comfortable use. 8″ could potentially be the perfect size. I just hope that the ‘media edition’ is more than just a lame ‘sub-woofer’ which is never going to get used, i’d rather see it come with something usable like solid codec support for native avi and mkv 720p