Kogan aren’t just stepping into the online Android retailer market with just Tablets (even though the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was removed), they’re now offering a handful of Android devices for much less than their online competitors. Having not purchased from Kogan for quite a while I can’t comment on how good their warranty and support is considering their prices are this low, but I’m sure it’s worth the low prices. And how cheap are these devices? This cheap:

Out of these devices, the only two to support Telstra’s NextG network and Vodafone’s new 850MHz network are the Samsung Galaxy S II and Motorola Atrix, so keep that in mind if you’re purchasing for either of those carriers. Kogan have all of the above devices listed as “Special Offers” so don’t expect these prices to stick around for too long.

Source: Kogan.
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Mark Russell

Thanks Buzz one day too late just purchased a Galaxy S II last night from MobiCity for $639

Andrew Palozzo

Silly not to get a dual core phone minimum in this range…

Buzz Moody

$519 for the Galaxy S II and Sensation is insane.


And Kogan will sell you a 5-year extended warranty for $109… I wonder if anyone would take up that offer. 


who uses their smart phones for 5 years?