Update: As Arryn pointed out in the comments, Millennius have raised the price of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from $499 to $539.

Millennius never like to be left out of any kind of pricing war when it comes to cheap gadgets, and they’re now attempting to steal some of Kogan’s thunder by offering high-end Android products (and other stuff) for exceptionally low prices. Their first offering is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (16GB Wi-Fi only) for the low price of $499, which is the same price as Kogan before they were made to pull the device off their virtual shelves — I wonder if the same will happen to Millennius.

I don’t have too much of an idea of stock pricing and margin, however, I can’t imagine Millennius are making much, if anything, from these sales. It’s a good marketing ploy none the less. Millennius wrote in a blog post that “There will be more to come from other big brands such as Canon, Nikon, HTC, Motorola and much more.” Hold onto your hats folks, I think we might be seeing more competition in this space; who knows how long it will last for though.

Source: Millennius - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
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bugger i just got paid today, but i just bought one anyway, i want it bad.. spewing i couldnt get it 2 days ago, damn you fortnight pay

Arryn Francis

Update – It’s now up to $539 for the 16GB Wifi model.


Buzz Moody

Good find, sir.

Arryn Francis

A day too late, cost myself 40 bucks.


i just bought one wooo wooop bring it on


Awesome! Good to see some more online stores selling the galaxy. Hope to see some more tablets on there soon.


dont worry they will guys


Just ordered mine but got an error ordering after the paypal payment was processed. Hope they have stock

Tommy Wong

$499 is a good price but the delivery cost is $47 to NSW…
And they don’t have the white colour as well
I would have buy it if they have a white 32GB in a reasonable price


they got some white tabs and 3g units now… but no 32gb just 16gb