Millennius weren’t the first to jump on the cheap Android tablet bandwagon, and they’re not the first to get kicked off the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 bandwagon either. The Aussie online retailer has informed us and customers that they’re no longer allowed to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1. They gave no reasoning, but we all know the real reasoning behind it; due to the ongoing legal spat between Apple and Samsung over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, no Australian business is allowed to sell it.

So with Kogan and Millennius both not able to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1, that leaves MobiCity as the last man standing. Due to their business setup offshore they can legally sell the device — that’s one way to beat the competition. If you purchased a Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Millennius, you’ll no doubt be hearing form them very soon.

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Mike Tran

I thought Mobicity had a store front near or in Norman Park , QLD. Used to drive pass it all the time to go to the shops.


That is a real shame. Got mine through them on today. Honeycomb may not be as smooth as ios yet but it is great. The form factor is brilliant and the backing on the rear of the device makes it easier to handle. Millennius were great. Quick delivery, cheap and great communication. What more could you ask for?

Milty C

Im really thinking of getting mine from Overseas (mobicity). Can anyone think of reason not too ? Im worried that if it gets banned in Oz that it might not get supported with updates (due too low sales) and Sammy might then turn around and release a new better model for Australia and elsewhere and ill be stuck with an unsupported and dated tablet. Am i just being paranoid ? 

Also a related question – What ever happened to the NEXUS TABLET ? The Lg rumours seemed to have vanished


Up to you, I got mine over a month ago from mobicity and I couldn’t be happier with it.

As usual with technology there will always be an awesome new device around the corner.

Milty C

Thanks Serin. Im really leaning towards getting a tab 10.1. I was going to wait till the ICS release in case something new comes out but im sick of waiting.

I love a bright screen with deep colours and ive heard that the 10.1 is tops in this regard. Cant wait to order mine.


Oh boo!


shhh, dont tell people that. 😉

Arryn Francis

Ordered mine on the 4th (Tuesday), just this morning my order detail says it was shipped. Fingers crossed.


Damn this really really annoys me. I hope Samsung get the iPhone blocked.