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It looks like the end might be in sight for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and it’s not the end that Samsung would like. Brisbane Times is reporting that Samsung are willing to abandon plans to bring the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Australia if they cannot reach an agreement with Apple in the Federal Court within the next two weeks — it turns out there’s only so much money Samsung can throw at lawyers before it’s no longer worth it. If an agreement isn’t met within two weeks Samsung risk missing out of the Christmas season and will consider the tablet “dead”, according to Samsung’s lawyer, Neil Young. Young was quoted by the Brisbane Times as saying..

“We’re willing to pull out all the stops to get it out by mid-October, we’re absolutely desperate.”

Desperate enough request an injunction on the Apple iPhone 4S coming to Australia? That’d be exciting. So if you’re hoping to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 here, lower your hopes, but just a little bit.

Source: Gizmodo AUBrisbane Times.
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So Samsung told their competitor that they only need to refuse a deal for 2 more weeks and Apple can have the Australian market to themselves.  Genius, Samsung.


I remember reading a few months back that the Australian Government were concerned about Apple’s anti-competitive practices in the country and were going to investigate. Now it seems your own legal system is being used as a crApple pawn to further stymie competition. I think it will be a sad day for Aussies if Sammy has to withdraw as people DESERVE to be able to choose! Personally if I was only left with the option of buying an iPad or not owning a tablet I’d tell them to stick the iPad up their iPooper where it belongs.


It’ll be a damn shame if it doesn’t get resolved and this doesn’t come out in Aus.

Granted, I wasn’t planning on getting one (waiting for ICS tablets possibly with quad core processors), but this is just dirty. 

Sad to see.


The Apple legacy everyone forgets when remembering Steve jobs

llerrad Reham

Every apple plum would burn down samsung hq if they couldn’t get their ifailphone 4s!.


boooo to Apple- and once again us, the customers miss out…

Wonder what would happen if they did try and get an injunction in this Apple-infested (read corrupted here) country…. Problem is that many judges are tech nuffies and really do think Apple invented the tech world…

Buzz Moody

I can’t recall the name of the judge on this case.. Justice. Bennett, I believe. She seems to have done a good job with this, she didn’t jump to any conclusions and asked to have time to look at all the options and who was infringing on what. I think the problem with that for Samsung is that it’s just taking too long.