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At this mornings Motorola “Big Innovation” event that saw the Motorola Razr introduced, we also were introduced to the MotoActv a tiny device that is described by Motorola as the “Ultimate Fitness Device”.

The MotoActv is a tiny little device which runs Android and measures just 46x46mm and weighs just 35grams. Packing a 600MHz processor, this splash, rain and sweatproof device syncs with an application on your phone to allow you to receive text messages on the capacative screen which has been designed for outdoor use or answer calls on the special BlueTooth headsets which also monitor your hearbeat through your ear. There are two headsets available the SF500 for $99USD or the SF700 for $149USD. The MotoActv also tracks how many steps you`ve taken so presumably acts as a pedometer as well.

The device automatically syncs with motoactv.com using inbuilt wifi, you can then login to the website and track your progress or customise workouts so you can set and meet goals based on your requirements. The MotoActv service also offers social integration allowing you to share workouts or results through Facebook and Twitter.

The unit also contains an FM Radio but also has storage on there for MP3`s and as the unit tracks your stats it actually remembers songs that boost your workout performance and if it notices a lag will put those songs on to boost you when required. The MotoActv also has a voice function that will update you when you want on how your workout is going.

Sanjay only mentioned US availability and pricing but i`ll be contacting Motorola to check on Australian availability ASAP, for the record the unit will be available on November 6th in the US with an 8Gb version costing $249 or a 16Gb version will be available for $299. Coupled with the appropriate BlueTooth headset the cost of these devices starts to climb, so i`m quite interested in the local pricing.

Update : Motorola will be releasing sync apps to the Android market so this will work with any Android phone.

Source: Motorola WebcastThisIsMyNext.
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Any update on when aus maps might be supported? 


this is pretty cool for fitness junkies but no one has really indicated whether this will sync notifications via bluetooth like sony’s one