The Motorola Razr was launched mere hours before the Samsung/Google event where we saw the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich and the reference platform for Ice Cream Sandwich the Galaxy Nexus. This was quite a handicap as the Razr will launch with Android 2.3 Gingerbread but Alain Mutricy the Senior Vice President, Portfolio and Product Management at Motorola Mobility has been advising journalists that Motorola has plans to update the Razr to Ice Cream Sandwich at the ‘start of 2012’. He then went on to advise

‘the move to ICS would incorporate all of the innovation that has gone into the new RAZR handset and a more precise date would be given in the future.’

So even without launching yet, they are already looking ahead to updates, which with Google purchasing Motorola I would expect quick updates for their smartphone lineup, so we`ll look forward to nailing down this more precise date when it`s released.

Source: Pocket-Lint.
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Yeah we’ve all heard this before. “Yes the ATRIX will receive the gingerbread update imminently”. 5 MONTHS LATER IT finally arrives lol

Darren White

It’s not going to happen. Motoblur will kill it.

Mike D

The most important factor will be whether or not the ICS update come with motoblur UI. Haven’t owned a motor Droid phone myself but I understand it is the least popular of all the manufacturer UI’s.

Not to mention the fact that ICS looks like it stands up pretty well as a beautiful and functional UI without the need for tacked on skins.

Daniel Tyson

ICS looks awesome, But I still think the OEM`s will try and skin it. Oh well, at least there`s always Cyanogen….well if Motorola unlock their bootloaders!!


Having a Droid 3 for the past few months, I can tell you that you have nothing to fear with the new Motoblur – it really is quite good.

I never used phones with the older version of Motoblur, but apparently it’s a huge improvement on the older versions of the interface.