If you’re one of the very few people who actually purchased the LG Optimus 2X from an online retailer or from Harvey Norman, you’ll be annoyed to know that your device isn’t eligible to be updated to Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich“. The news comes from LG’s Facebook page where a user asked them about the update, to which they replied..

We will not be introducing Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich updates on LG Optimus 2X P990. Keep watching this space for further updates.

LG’s reply wasn’t instant — they took 12 hours — so they obviously went and checked that this was indeed the answer, implying they won’t be changing their mind on the matter in the future. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of consumers leaving LG.

Source: Modaco.
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LG have now changed their stance and said they are working on ICS for the 2X

John Hammond

Just unreal. A Tegra 2 powered handset such as this one should have no problem running ICS. Thanks LG for doing nothing to improve Android’s image. I’ll be sticking to Samsung phones.


In the Modaco discussion on the lack of upgrade, a Modaco user has posted in the thread that the Facebook post by the LG staffer is now deleted.
Also, what is telling about this lack of support from LG is that their 3d phone they released around the same time is, like the 2X, still stuck on Froyo. The updates for those phones to Gingerbread has not even happened.


Like i said in another thread, Samsung and apple and the power brands here


LG should be ashamed of themselves. The first dual core phone, riddled with bugs from day one, isn’t getting an update that the older single core Nexus S is getting. Unbelievable. This phone only came out March/April this year, and it’s already shelved. Yet practically every other Tegra device is receiving an update, like the Xoom. Never buy an LG phone.



Lucas Meyer

Glad i never got one


The lack of commitment by LG certainly doesn’t do it any favours. I guess its up to the modding community who don’t get paid by LG to add ICS to their phone.. Pathetic.


Dear Google, please remove Android Market access from these phones. 

What happened to the 18 month update promise?


Now I have one less manufacturer to worry about when looking for my next phone.


Really really disappointing from LG. No wonder why their sales are so low!


The world’s first dual core phone is not getting Ice Cream Sandwich. Hahahahaha… specs aren’t everything, you just need a manufacturer who is committed to updates. Since this device was launched with Froyo, LG must think one update is enough.

Andrew Palozzo

Very poor form from lg.. The hardware should be very capable. Just lack of care from LG imo.

unfunk Freeman

if I hadn’t already sold my O2X, I’d probably set it on fire, film it, and upload it to Youtube in response to this.

…maybe I can buy it back to do just that…