It seems that the XOOM hasn’t been the greatest device for Motorola; they only shipped 100,000 XOOMs in the 3rd quarter of this year. That 100,000 doesn’t even include how many were sold, just how many were sent out from their manufacturing plant(s), so it’s not looking good for the XOOM. Motorola are expected to announce the XOOM 2 very soon which will hopefully pull Motorola from this sales slump.

But don’t feel too bad Motorola, Apple only managed to ship 11.1 million iPads during the same quarter, no wonder they own 99.1337% of the tablet market.

Source: AllThingsD.
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Costing $700+ doesn’t help


errrr have you got a source for that market share figure….pretty sure someone is taking the piss. Look at that number again….see it now?


The reason I have held fire on a tablet so far is that I always get burnt with early adopting.

I think I might get a Transformer Prime when that comes.  2nd Gen should last longer than the 22 months my Nexus One did.


not good at all, thats pretty poor since its a world wide brand.

Samsung is the only threat to apple with the galaxy range which is amazing


Yes, also, Samsung seem to be the only ones to understand how much more usable a tablet is when it has phone / text capabilities also.

Such a simple thing.. yet only Samsung have figured it out yet.