LG have contacted us to let us know that two of their devices won’t be getting updated to Android 2.3, those being the LG Optimus and LG Optimus Me — both very low-end devices. While that is depressing news for owners of those devices, owners of the Optimus 2X will be happy to know that LG are in the final stages of testing the Android 2.3 update for the device and it should be rolling out in the ‘near future’. I don’t know when this ‘near future’ is, but it seems a lot of stuff is happening then.

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why is optimus me not getting 2.3 update.are we fools who trusted lg?????


I have CM7 unofficial gingerbread rom for lg optimus me..


I at least have gotten 2.3 on my Optimus one a month ago :). It did improve the speed but it does seem as if not more buggy.


They are releasing more phones than they can update a two year old OS. What a joke. Forget upgrading to ICS… that’ll take decades for LG.


So is Gingerbread available for the LG Black or will be in the near future??