Slashgear stumbled upon a device listed as the GT-i9300 on Samsung’s support site yesterday. While there have been very few previous rumours about what the GT-i9300 could be, it seems clear that it would be the successor to the Galaxy S series — the Galaxy S III, of course. Going by previous model numbers, it lines up nicely:

  • Galaxy S — GT-i9000
  • Nexus S — GT-i9020
  • Galaxy S II — GT-i9100
  • Galaxy Nexus — GT-i9250

It’s worth noting that it was found on Samsung’s global support site, so it wasn’t country specific and it’s too early to go with the idea of one model for the entire world — the US wouldn’t like that. It’s also not enough to go with the idea of the Galaxy S III launching at MWC.

Source: Slashgear.
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Frank Benign

Why can’t Samsung do as Apple, and not bend backwards for the US telcos?  The US model fragmentation is ridiculous.


” one model for the entire world — the US wouldn’t like that”
haha nice Buzz


One phone to rule them all…