Remember the LG X3? It’s the device LG are going to launch at Mobile World Congress, and it just got a little bit more real this morning with the release of screenshots showing some benchmark results in Quadrant. MoDaCo was lucky enough to score the exclusive shots which give the X3 a score of 4412 on Quadrant — more than double the score of the Galaxy Nexus, which has half the amount of cores. Specs for the LG X3 include:

  • 4.7" HD 720×1280 screen
  • Tegra 3 Quad core processor (1.5GHz on single core, 1.4GHz when on 2-4 cores) + SMP Core (core companion) for IDLE task operations which will save battery life
  • 2000mAh battery
  • 16GB internal memory + microSD slot
  • 8MP camera with ultra fast shutter
  • 1.3MP Front Facing camera
  • Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3

As we said last time we covered the LG X3: If LG can keep Android as stock as possible, they might be onto a winner, and from the looks of things they just might have pulled it off. This is another device to keep an eye out for come Mobile World Congress.

Source: MoDaCo.
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Quadrant 2.0 supports multi-core benchmarking and the apparently the Galaxy S II dual core can get a score of  4200 compared to LG X3 Tegra3 quad core score of 4400 so not a huge leap even with the benchmark making use of the extra 2 cores.  Interesting to see how Tegra 3 performs in real world conditions instead of benchmarks.


But remember that this phone has a higher res (which Quadrant doesn’t take into account) than the SGS2 so the “200” points extra is quite a feat


That’s good to know – there is some other benchmark which does normalise for different screen resolutions so I didn’t consider that quadrant hadn’t also implemented that feature by now.

Nabely Shahab

worth noting is that S2 has the FPS limit cap.  we have to confirm if some sort of cap is applied to X3 as well.


“4.7” HD 720×1280 screen”
Really? That’s just fucking ridiculous. 4.7″ is far too big for a “phone”. What happened to all these 3.5″ devices? I want those back!


these aren’t phones any longer – they are mobile computers, as with all computers – big screens are better 


No they are not mobile computers, they are phones. That you keep in your pocket. And expect 2 days charge from. If you wan’t a computer buy a computer. If you want a tablet buy a tablet. I want a phone.


Yes they are mobile computers, that can make phone calls. If you want just a phone, than buy a cheap $30 nokia!


There will always be a successor to HTC Wildfire and a successor to LG Optimus One and the likes, which will target the 3.2″-3.5″ category, and a successor to the HTC Desire/Incredible which will target the 3.5″-3.7″ category. No one is taking those away from you.  But the market speaks with where people spend their money, and it looks like most people prefer bigger screens. Manufacturers are just following that and building what consumers want. If you want a smaller screen and 2 days battery, don’t buy a big phone. Go and buy a Desire S and slap an extended battery on… Read more »


I wanted a mobile computer so I purchased a mobile computer – it’s called a smartphone 🙂 As you just said you don’t want a mobile computer you want just a phone – get yourself a dumbphone/featurephone – they make/take calls/SMS and hold a charge for ages. If you want to run apps then you *need* a mobile computer – part of buying a mobile computer is acceptance of lesser battery life (just like all mobile computer’s like laptops and tablets have poor battery life).  Until the battery technology improves with carbon nanotubes and the like, then you’re either going… Read more »