Vodafone & Three users with the LG Optimus Black can now update their device to Android 2.3.4 via LG’s updating software. All you need to do in order to get the update is head over to LG’s Support website and enter LGP970 as your device and download the USB Driver. Once that’s complete, plug in your device and then download the Software Update. Follow all the on-screen prompts and you should be good to go.

Source: Vodafone.
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i got the upgrade perfectly fine im now on gingerbread had no issues what so ever gettin it


Dosnt work.i downloded the update but still 2.2.2


Didn’t work. Waste of time.
LG tool says software update available.
Went through steps and am then told that update is NOT available.

LG should be ashamed that the eternally ‘promised’ Gingerbread upgrade has only become available now in Q1 2012.
And now it doesn’t work – Useless.


Following on from my previous post…
Having contacted LG Support Australia – the clarified FACTS are that the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread update will be available to some carriers before others.
Vodafone users (according to LG) should be able to update to Gingerbread during the week beginning 5th March 2012
Other carriers may be available sooner, and others later.
So there is a staggered release of this update.


Crap LG. This only update phone software from V10a to V10c. The Android version is still 2.2.2.


Me too is still 2.2.2


I feel sorry for the LG users. They must be the last group to be upgraded to Gingerbread….


Don’t worry, those of us who value software support won’t be LG users again.


agreed.. im going for the Samsung Galaxy Note . >:)


Just a follow up. LG’s horribly inconsistent updating software detects the current 2.2.2 as the ‘latest version’ and refuses to update. Some googling reveals others with the same issue.