Vodafone has just announced via its blog that they’re now in possession of the Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy S II so that they can begin testing it before it is launched to users. There’s no timeline as to when it will be sent to users devices, but we’re thinking it will probably take around a month

Some late-breaking news – we have now received a build of Android 4.0 from Samsung for the GALAXY S II. Testing has been scheduled and will begin shortly, all updates will be logged here in the Weekly Wrap

It’s great to have this communication from Vodafone to its users. Hopefully all the other carriers, large and small, can be this transparent.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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Hmmm If Vodafone and Samsungs previous total lack of cohesion in getting previous releases to market and total stuff up of release timings each blaming the other as responsible for the failed timely delivery then i wouldn’t be holding my breath.

Amos Shapira

Does anyone know where can I get updates for the SGS II bought from Mobicity? Updates to latest Android 3 over the air and through KIES failed.


If you don’t get any updates from those two, that means there’s no official update yet for your device. Android 3.X honeycomb is a Tablet only OS, it’s not for phones so you won’t get it on your phone. The next major update after Android 2.3.X Gingerbread for the SGSII is Android 4.0.X Ice Cream Sandwich. If the carriers just got it then Samsung could have just finished work and their own testing on it. Mobicity source their phones from all over the world though most of their early SGSII stock was UK/EU stock. So if your phone is from… Read more »

Amos Shapira

Actually it starts the download then fails. Tried multiple times. Any ideas?


Do a factory reset, then update via your phone, not Kies.


Yay! only 5 more months (or so) to go before we actually get it.

James Pascoe

Vodafone haven’t made 4.0 officially available for Nexus S yet

What complete twats!!!!!


It could be due to bug reported on 4.0.3. They could be waiting for the official release of 4.0.4 from google.

You can always do manual update if you cant wait


So I’m hoping this means I’m getting ICS for my non-carrier branded Galaxy SII in the very near future.


So, how do we go about getting this on our non branded phones? samsung app store? kies?


 Once it’s available, I’d reckon it’ll be available over the air by pressing the check for updates button in the phone’s settings or by installing and using kies on your computer.

Oz Boy

WooHoo, trouble is some software developers are still not up to speed on ICS with one recently telling me that it hasn’t been released….did someone say NEXUS!? Will have to wait and see which of my apps can handle it when it is released. Great to see Voda on top of this and let’s hope it is only a month.


Great news! I presume this means ICS is available for non-telco ‘branded’ SGSII around the world?

Alex Dennis

Now thats fast, at least 😛
So does anyone know when Android 4.0 ICS will happen for Galaxy S II user on Optus??


It’s so dumb how they refer to it as “testing” though. If you’re going to be transparent, just be honest and call it “branding”….


Actually Samsung provides the Firmware to the carriers with their specific branding already customised for them. So they really are just that slow at testing it…


 The bloats should have been added to each carrier specific firmware when it was being build by Samsung in the first place since they take carrier inputs even from that phase, this is definitely their own tests whatever they do to it.

Andrew Palozzo

Wow! Great to hear, especially considering Samsung haven’t even finalized ICS for the S2 yet!!

If Vodafone can continue this pattern I’m sure they would be seen as one of the more favorable telco’s to sign up for because of there fast turnaround for android updates.


Errr obviously samsung have finalised ICS for sgs2. The carriers get it a few days before the great unwashed is my guess.

Andrew Palozzo

Surprised it hasn’t leaked tbh.