HTC Australia are counting down the days until Monday on their Facebook page. Why? Well it’s the start of Mobile World Congress on Monday! HTC have had at least 3 phones leaked in the past few weeks — HTC One X (Endeavor), HTC One S (Ville) and HTC One V — which are all expected to be officially announced.

What we’re most excited about is the fact it’s HTC Australia counting down, which normally means that whatever is going to be announced is going to make its way to Australia at some point in time. Let’s hope it’s the HTC One X that’s coming to our wonderful country.

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I won’t bother waiting for Galaxy S III if this bad boy has:Telstra LTE- ICS, Tegra 3, Retina display, 2G Ram, NFC, Gorilla Glass 2, Edge-to-edge display (no bezel).

Andrew Palozzo

If they deliver a 720p, ICS, LTE device with either Krait or Tegra3… going to be very very hard for me to wait for the S3.