Just because Samsung aren’t going to be showing off their quad-core Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress doesn’t mean quad-core isn’t going to be mentioned by Samsung at all. At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference Samsung whipped out the 32nm Exynos Quad-Core CPU to show that it can play the 4x core game. Unwired View writes..

The new Exynos comes paired with the latest version of Samsung’s own graphics chip, which has 4 pixel processors and 1 geometry engine with 128 KB L2 cache. The graphics support OpenGL ES 2.0 and can generate up to 57 MPolygons/s.

Which I believe translate roughly to: OMG it’s fast! Let’s play lots of games!. I for one can’t wait to see Samsung join the quad-core CPU wars.

Source: Unwired View.
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32nm is the key here. Tegra 3 is 40nm.

Lower power, better on battery, less heat being generated.

Alex Baldwin

The only downside is that it’s based off the Cortex A9 architecture, rather than the newer and more efficient A15 others such as OMAP are showing off. 🙁

Mike Tran

 The Ti OMAP5 won’t get to market to at least Q3/Q4 2012 so it won’t matter anyways as the Exynos 5250 which is Samsungs version of the A15 would have either been released by then or coming into production too. So it’s no use comparing OMAP5 to anything right now. Seems TI made quite a mistake and ignored the quad core A9 market (missing out on quite a big market) and just leaped frogged into the A15 market while Samsung has played it safe and have a quad A9 _AND_ a dual A15.