Samsung have also unveiled their new Galaxy Beam smartphone at Mobile World Congress. The device has a built-in projector that surpasses any of the previous smartphone projectors Samsung have used, by projecting 50-inches of HD wonderfulness onto any surface using its super-bright 15 lumens projector.

The specs of the device itself aren’t all that great, however, they’re obviously not the main selling point of the device. You’ll get a 4-inch 800×480 display, 1GHz dual-core CPU, quad-band HSPA, 5MP & 1.3MP cameras, and a 2000mAh battery alongside the projector that points out the top of the Galaxy Beam. Oh yeah, it runs Android 2.3. There’s currently no release date or pricing available, though I wouldn’t be expecting to see it in Australia any time soon.

Source: Samsung.
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Galaxy SIII with projector to AU!
Hell yeah! Soon please.

Nathan Elcoate

Lots of ah, interesting uses


Lol Samsung are weird, they can produce an absolute beast like the galaxy s2 and nexus but also release these things… Seems they just need to refocus and they will be unstopable


Samsung are certainly not announcing their presence the MWC with a bang with the Galaxy Tab 2 and this phone.

Buzz Moody

It would be awesome if they announced that spec’d out tablet and the Galaxy S III at their event in March.