A new benchmark of a Sony Mobile device has risen from the depths of the internet.. well, from NenaMark at least. The device is the LT29i, which Xperia Blog reports is codenamed ‘Hayabusa’. A Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is expected to be the 1.5GHz (dual-core) CPU behind the LT29i, mainly due to the fact the benchmarks records an Adreno 225 GPU on board the device. Xperia Blog are speculating that the CPU will be the MSM8960 which is also the CPU behind the upcoming HTC One XL on Telstra.

The last interesting tid-bit from the benchmark is the screen resolution. It states 1196×720 instread of 1280×720 and we’re going to go straight ahead and say this device will make use of on-screen buttons instead of physical/capacitive ones. The device is expected to be announced closer to the middle of the year with a launch date of H2 2012.

Source: Xperia Blog.