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Pocket Now have unearthed the above benchmarking results from a device going by the name GT-i9300, which as you might remember, is the expected model number of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III. The first thing we noticed about the specs listed in the benchmark that is it states 1196×720 as the screen resolution — an obvious indicator of on-screen buttons; not the 1080p display we were after either. The CPU (smdk4x12) is also clocked from 200MHz to 1.4GHz which seems strange as Exynos 4412 is listed as a 1.5GHz Quad-Core. Perhaps Samsung are underclocking for increased battery life, or this benchmark is false and it’s actually a 1.4GHz Dual-Core Exynos 4212.

The last thing we noticed is that the software is running as release-keys. This is usually the case for software that has completely finished and ready for end-user use. If I were to speculate (and for argument’s sake this benchmark is true) then Samsung have finished the Galaxy S III and are now in the process of mass producing them for the global launch that’s expected in April.

Source: Pocket NowGLBenchmark.
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mr famous celeb

Might be a quad core 1.4ghz release nevertheless I will definitely grab one.

Bart Simson

There is absolutely no way i would buy another Samsung smartphone until Samsung fixes Kies … I have been trying to update the stock Gingerbread 2.3.3 on my S2 for over 2 months & every time the operation times out … I dont want to root the device …


I would say this is the “Galaxy S2 Plus” we have been hearing about.  Makes sense that an “revamped” S2 would fall roughly in line with the existing S2 while adding some enhancements like 720p and a slight speed bump in a few areas.


Don’t know if it’s the SGS3, might be the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. This seems very below expectations for a high end flagship phone from Samsung….

Buzz Moody

Yeah it doesn’t seem to line up at all. The release-keys part really throws it all out of order.


Why does the release keys part put it out of order? Not having a dig just dont understand why. i dont think it will be the sgs2 plus either. That said so long as they maintain the same fluidity of the s2 on a 720p screen il be happy with the s3. I have the note and the laggy drawbacks bring me turn about to the s2 every so often.

Buzz Moody

Well release-keys means the software has been signed by Samsung and can be flashed onto any unrooted  GT-i9300, and I really don’t think Samsung are mass producing, let alone finished making software for the galaxy s iii.


Also, i think that April release was debunked by Samsung themselves. However the Sprint Nexus is pegged for April I believe. The on screen buttons and very disappointing benchmarks indicates it’s not the SGS3. The SGS2 got the exact same score on the benchmark so there’s really no way they can release a SGS3 with those kind of results in my opinion.


Samsung denied March 22 outright, when asked about April they said “we don’t comment on rumours”

Dan Goodes

But then, everything Samsung “showed off” at MWC was embarrassingly below what you’d expect from a company who you’d think has the potential to lead the way.

All the other manufacturers were showing off quad-core and next-gen dual-core processors and crazy definition screens. Samsung gave us mild bumps in specs on their already last-gen hardware. 


Could be the case at Mac that they played themselves down on purpose to possibly fly under the radar as they prepare for “the next big thing” I guess could be wrong but there’s always speculation.