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If you’re thinking of getting yourself a brand new Galaxy Nexus outright, now is a good time. For today only, Expansys are selling the Samsung-Google flagship for $507.94 which includes postage. Not to be outdone, Kogan have a constant offering of Galaxy Nexus for $508 which also includes delivery and 1 year of Australian based warranty in the rare chance your device morphs into a brick. The only downside (if it really is one) is that Kogan have a limit of one per customer. Surprisingly both retailers are offering the Galaxy Nexus cheaper than the now year-old Galaxy S II.

Source: ExpansysKogan.
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Thats because the S2 is a better phone. :-p

M Adcv

I bought another Galaxy Note from Kogan just cos I could and its lovely.
Though it was from the Dominican Republic, but nothing a good bit of “rooting” couldn’t fix.
Hooray for Galaxy Notes being a reasonable price! Woo!


dwi got it for $499 free delivery and 1 year of Australian based warranty 14 day money back guarantee. the sII is $517. they seem to have some of the cheapest prices and good rep with camera so I would think the same would go for phones.

so now might not be the “Best time”