Looks like it didn`t take much, Optus now also have the HTC One X up on their page, this time for pre-order. They are promising delivery on the 2nd of April to Metro customers and 4th of April for Regional areas. Optus have matched the pricing scheme for the Virgin launch(No surprises there) offering the One X for $0 on the $59 plan or $0 on the $79 plan with 2 months of free access. If you really want this handset though and you`re willing to make handset repayments they also have a bunch of other options as well on lower plans.

Just waiting on Vodafone and Telstra to see if they will carry this phone, although Telstra may be tempted to carry the HTC One XL LTE version which has the Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 processor as opposed to the Quad-Core Tegra 3 of the One X. So over to you guys, are you tempted by the Optus/Virgin deals for the One X or are you holding out to see if Telstra launch a 4G HTC One XL, or dare I say it – a Vodafone launched HTC One X?