Vodafone doesn’t want to be left out of the HTC One X party; they’ve just announced they’ll be launching the 4.7-inch Quad-Core beast in the near future. This puts the One X (and One XL) on Optus, Telstra, Virgin and, now, Vodafone. The release date seems to be locked in for April 2nd (we told you!) alongside Optus and Virgin.

Currently all you can do is register your interest in the device as there’s no locked in pricing plans, however, you can expect it to launch for $5 on their $59 cap, or something similar. With the One X, One S and Galaxy Note, your spoiled for choice, but will you choose to go with Vodafone? Hit the source link to register.

Source: Vodafone.
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can i ask a question guys?

which version will be the faster phone? the one X on 3G with the quadcore, or the one XL on the 4LTE with the dual core? is there any stats out yet comparing the two?

which one would you guys get?


Hard to say which will be faster CPU wise, S4 Snapdragn is Dual-Core but utilises the new Cortex A15 whereas Tegra3 is Quad-Core Cortex A9. Radio wise, I’m pretty safe saying the LTE version will be faster.

Matt Booth

I remember reading that the dual core with LTE was faster. As long as the battery isn’t hit too hard that would be my choice


If ur a person who is more in to like performance of the one x like battery life l, openning apps faster and smoother experience go with the quad core the browersing is still super fast but if ur after LTE for browsing speeds can be kinda faster but not faster in performance wise go with the lye hope dat helped

Peter Jolly

So who is going to carry the HTC one S? 

Looks like telstra might, but anymore information. I’m way more interested in the One S.


Its a shame it wont have sd slot support, may have almost beed time to move over from the galaxy s2


 I thought the same man, but with dropbox and all these online clowds, I think many future phones will come out as such. The camera features of the One X and its new 2d looking Sense is better to look at then that LSD lolly candy rave party UI that Samsung call touchwiz.


 Can you please explain what the drop box is?  I saw that it’s an option for 2 years but was baffled as to what it meant. 

Daniel Tyson

Drop box is a cloud storage service, it`s effectively your own personal hard drive stored on the internet. I believe that  HTC and Dropbox are partnered to give you 25GB of storage for 2 years for Sense 4.0 Devices, presumably after the 2 years it drops back to your capacity prior to your phone purchase. Not a bad deal even if you don`t have a HTC phone. Check them out 
https://www.dropbox.com/  the Android app is pretty good