We haven’t heard much about HTCSense.com ever since it launched back in 2010. HTC never really gave it a push with their latest phones, instead they let it die off — perhaps for the best. In the statement on the website, they say the website is being ‘renovated’ to improve their services. Which gives the impression that HTCSense.com might be back, just not in its current form. With their partnership with Beats Audio, HTC could be bringing MOG music to their cloud service to allow HTC users to stream (some) music for free. That’s a stab in the dark, but a reasonable one at that.

Users that have used the service before have 30 days to download it before HTC wipes the slate clean. You can download a .zip full of your data by doing the following:

  • Visit http://htcsense.com
  • Log in with your HTCSense.com username and password
  • Click the ‘Download’ button in the Account Overview section
  • A .zip file containing your data will download to your computer for easy viewing

Current users will also be the first to know about the new service, according to HTC. When that service will be available is unknown, but given how close it is until the HTC One series launches, it’s best they get it ready soon.

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Yeah – just tried to log into htcsence to locate my Phone – and guess what – they have killed their servce. I didn’t get warning of this – only found out now when it is too late.

All leads to a service and company you can’t rely on. It is also false advertising. You buy something claiming to have a locator and remote wipe – and then they pull it.

Shame HTC.


I find it weird that HTC have asked people to download their messages and call logs that were sync’d with HTCsense…. why wouldn’t they just migrate this information across to the new service…is the new service going to have these features??

Sad if HTC do remove these features, these are items that google doesn’t backup to Gmail or similar… you have to use 3rd party to backup, well, everything.


Damn, hopefully they bring back the remote locking/wiping functionality. That was one of the main selling points for my HTC back in the day.


I could never get HTCsense.com to work with my DHD.  I tried ringing it, locating it, and locking it – nothing.  So I pretty much forgot it existed.