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There’s a hell of a lot of hype behind the Samsung Galaxy S III, and the news that the GT-i9300 might not be it, is only going to hype up the release of the Galaxy S III even more. Sammy Hub are reporting that the GT-i9300 isn’t actually the Galaxy S III we were expecting, instead it will be a mid-range device that is going to launch in May as the Galaxy M.

While that might upset some people, think of it this way: the GT-i9300 has a 720p display, 1.4GHz dual-core CPU and possible S-Pen support and it’s mid-range. If the Galaxy S III is the cream of the crop, its specs are going to trump those already impressive ones. We’ve got a lot to look forward to in the Galaxy S III, and Samsung are doing a marvellous job of keeping it under wraps. Now we need to look out for the model numbers GT-i9500 and GT-i9800 as possible Galaxy S IIIs.

Source: Sammy HubSammy Hub.
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Motorola Atrix forum

Looks like the typical cheap plastic Samsung Galaxy phone


I’d be satisfied enough with a 720p display on the SIII, but I expect Super AMOLED Plus not just your standard Super AMOLED pentile display. Processor wise, if it can compete with the new Snapdragon S4 processor that seems to be better than the Tegra 3, would be great as well. Better battery life than the S2 would be great and Touchwiz not ruining the beauty of ICS. It doesn’t have to have 4G LTE, I’m satisfied enough currently with HSPA+ and most places I spend my time at have wifi anyway and some other places I go to isn’t… Read more »

Matt Booth

“If the Galaxy S III is the cream of the crop, its specs are going to trump those already impressive ones” What makes you so sure the SGSIII is going to be this major update of cutting edge hardware? Samsung have disappointed us so many times before, they will do it again. SGS I to SGS II upgraded the CPU and screen size but left the screen res at 800×480 when QHD was becoming popular. Galaxy Nexus is good but not all that fantastic. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 2 is a great big MEH, certainly not worthy to follow the… Read more »

Buzz Moody

I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. They were the only Android manufacturer to make a profit last year, so they need to stay ahead. Great specs and style are the only way to do that. 

I’m happy to be proven wrong if/when this thing gets announced.

Matt Booth

 Apple have repeatedly proven that it is the ‘environment’ and the ‘experience’ that make a winning phone, not hardware specs alone. Will Samsung take a leaf from Apple’s book and go with proven technology rather than risk cutting-edge tech on such a wide release? I think so.

But same as you – happy to be proven wrong! I’m just waiting for Samsung to give me an excuse to get a new phone

Frank Benign

All I want is a HD SAMOLED+ (not pentile) display on my SGSII and better battery life.  The rest can stay exactly the same (hardware buttons included).  Maybe a dedicated camera button and notification LED.  I don’t even care about LTE.


The jump from S1 to S2 was quite big. It had a much better cpu (still one of the best duel core out there) the gpu was a vast improvement. Still one of the best (just behind the 4s, tegra3, the ipad 3) out there. Even if it was 800 by 400 the extra sub pixels ment that it was the same or close to the QHD quality. The GN is a software device and also google majorly wanted the TI processors inside the new google flagship. Yes the new galaxy tab was a disappointment. However they probs gonna release… Read more »


not getting another samsung phone after all the BS with getting ics onto the gs2.


 And the other manufacturers are any better?

Akhilesh Kumar Vishwakarma

you are right dude, i will better get and iphone instead of android as i know they will be releasing updates for it unlike android makers. who just say “IF YOU WANT TO GET UPDATED, THEN DUMP YOUR EXISTING PHONE AND GET NEW ONE”.

My Galaxy S2 is 6 months old and i think if i want ICS i will have to get S3.