The HTC One X is a hotly anticipated device, second only to that other Samsung phone, and now you can order it from Vodafone if they’re your carrier of choice. It’s available right now for pre-order online, or you can wait until Tuesday and purchase it in one of Vodafone’s stores. The One X is available for $0 upfront on Vodafone’s $59 cap over two years — 1.5GB of data and infinite calls and text included. Will you be getting one?

Source: Vodafone.
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Dara Ing

i gave in today and got a htc one x… on optus!! was thinking about waiting it out for a the one XL on telstra.. but they said they dont expect it to be released until may at the earliest.. it was under going some stringent testing on the telstra network.. so just thought the quad core was too good to turn down!! and optus has a deal that they pay for ur 1st 2 months !!


Optus are already selling them.


Aren’t Telstra getting the One S? It’s smaller, “only”dual core, but it’s 4G?


Telstra are getting a 4g variant called the One XL, it is dual core but still has the 4.7 inch screen unlike the One S which is 4.3in.


ON Vodafone… Tell em there dreaming! Rather use 2 cans and piece of string than Vodafail..
NIce phone though… Come on Telstra give us something….


Ew not with vodafone. Are telstra on the Tuesday as well? Wondering if I should get this or hold out for the galaxy s3 which could be months and months away